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Jan 16, 2017



In 2016, a new study collected information on STDs from all over Europe and the United States.  The results indicate that the good ol' US of A has a teeny, tiny problem with things like chlamydia, hepatitis and syphilis when compared to our friends and/or even our enemies across the deep blue seas.  And the nation's capital, D.C., is now the nations leader for this pandemic

When multiple states have no adultery laws like NH, or just have Family Courts ignoring the ones that do, what would you expect to happen throughout an entire country.  Our nation's capital, D.C., has the highest statistic's for STD’s while the increasing numbers of adultery, remains one of the main causes to divorce in the US. The CDC estimates that nearly 20 million new sexually transmitted infections occur every year in the United States alone. STDs annually create significant morbidity, increased risk for HIV transmission and account for almost $16 billion in health care costs. The United States now ranks No. 10 out of the top 10 countries for having the highest divorce rates in the world.  What does the state of NH’s immoral government spend their time and energy on?  A Bestiality Law.  NH's government apparently has a far more concerning immoral crisis that is growing more so throughout the state than adultery, that now needs to be addressed. Just when you thought you've heard it all.  Apparently Bestiality is far more a problem in NH than the $16 billion in healthcare costs caused by adultery, chlamydia, hepatitis and syphilis alone

The NH government put their time and energy into passing a law against the act of bestiality effective as of January 1, 2017.  Bestiality is a word describing sex between a human and an animal.  Apparently there are fewer things even stranger or less repulsive than Bestiality to address.  Like STD's accounting now for $16 billion in healthcare costs and an annual 20 million new cases yearly of sexually transmitted diseases just in the United States alone.  Or even like spouses who use up 20 years of marital life savings from a marriage just to finance their adultery with their coworkers shared used up welfare fraud committing prostitute of a mistress with 4 children by 3 different men.  Or like having NH lawyers such as attorney Richard C. Follander, who defends these actions by telling the NH Family Court judges, that these men are going to AA meetings only to treat a sex addiction they have with such a woman.  Yes men, you too have those who are truly an insult to your gender also

Women like this one, who are actually told to leave their church to never return again for committing adultery with more than one parishioner actually exist. Women like this one, who have preached to a parishioners wife to "Please give your husband a divorce because your marriage does not glorify god, because god placed it upon your husband's heart and mine to be together...,"  Women like this, who purposely answers the husband's phone when the wife calls, just so she can threaten and tell the wife, "Your not dealing with him anymore, YOUR DEALING WITH ME...YOU DON'T KNOW ME OR WHAT I'M CAPABLE OF!"  Woman like this who email's one of her ex married lovers, "I now get it. My power is in my beauty and by being emotionally available is how I allured you and others and by not shutting you down the moment I saw your interest is where I went wrong and you couldn't control yourself. I now know that I have that effect on men and that it is powerful... You were my second experience with attracting an addict who couldn't say no to me and my seductive ways...I always choose Mr. Unavailable... Why do I have another married man just waiting to use me to end his shitty marriage? Will I let Him?"  Well the answer to her question was yes.  This is what adultery is in NH and is a No Fault Divorce

Both women and men who are doing this should simply be committed along with all those who agree with this so called fictional biblical way of life that she and others are preaching these days. Sadly we do have women such as this one who are an insult to the female gender and clearly have proven to be extremely sick and dangerous to multiple families.  And finally we have the NH Family Courts who in the end, actually accept all of this evidence and psychotic chaos as a normal way of life and just another day at the office, that is just a little "Irreconcilable Differences", and a "No Fault Divorce" without a blink of an eye.  The Family Judicial Branch of government has ultimately been a main contributor for recklessly causing an annual 20 million new cases of STD's in the United States alone, by minimalizing adultery to just a little "Irreconcilable Differences" in a marriage that is a No Fault Divorce

As of January 1, 2015, NH legalized adultery and removed the following law because the NH Judicial Branch of government just simply illegally refused to charge and enforce this law for the past 100 years
TITLE LXII, CRIMINAL CODE, CHAPTER 645, NH RSA 645:3 Adultery - A person is guilty of a class B misdemeanor if, being a married person, engages in sexual intercourse with another not his/her spouse or, being unmarried, engages in sexual intercourse with another known by him/her to be married.  Source. 1971, 518:1, 1971, 269:19, eff. July 1, 1992
The one important fact to this law for over 200 years, was two very important words.  As you can very clearly see, the NH adultery law had specified and defined the act of sexual intercourse as, "with another."  It did not specifically specify that "adultery is limited to circumstances where the spouse has sexual intercourse with a person of the opposite gender...that sexual intercourse does not include all types of sexual contact...that sexual intercourse is limited to sexual acts that could lead to the conception of a baby...", and most importantly, it most certainly did not ever specify that, "a homosexual affair does not rise to the level of adultery under New Hampshire law," as the NH Supreme Court illegally ruled, then enforced in Blanchflower v Blanchflower.  If anything, the NH judicial Branch clearly knows how to exaggerate and enforce everything including the laws or reality, just exactly like my ex husband and mistress who now is his proud wife of 7 years. But let's not forget how she got that position.  No Judicial branch of government in the United States has the right to write rules that prejudicially and hypocritically contradicts our laws or the Constitution of the United States of America such as the state of NH does and still continues to do so to this day.  Nor should they be given the right to continually ignore evidence to criminal activity without repercussion upon themselves

Another is simply defined in a dictionary as, "One that is Different and/or in addition to!"  Therefore the NH adultery law already at one time, very clearly defined and covered ALL different forms of sexual contact in addition to sexual intercourse. Yes people, that included all heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, and even oral sex.  It use to even cover emotional infidelity, and electronical infidelity as well.  These all are different and all are in addition to sexual intercourse

NH's 200+ year old adultery law was the first and only adultery law of it's kind, that clearly covered every form of adultery that would qualify even as today's modern day 21st century's form and version of adultery.  Clearly they never should of removed the entire law. They should of only remove the class B felony and misdemeanor from the original law.  This is what true strong family values use to mean to NH legislators, but apparently clearly never meant anything to NH's Judicial Branch
Adultery is very legal in NH and is an acceptable commonly known pandemic in NH.  Actions speak louder than words. Maybe if the majority of the United States Family Court system along with NH, and the nation's capital, D.C., were to think and act more with their heads and less with their crotch, to lead by example, families in the US would have allot more respect for marriage and would actually practice the one true art of real commitment and family values.  NH's actions for the past 100 years have clearly proven there is no family values in this state

Having adultery being constantly referred to as just simply a "No Fault Divorce" and just a little "Irreconcilable Difference" without a blink of an eye, and with no repercussions by law, has inflicted an unacceptable mind set to simply accept committing adultery. It belittles and disrespectfully depicts the act of adultery as not a serious issue, and just minimalizes the act of adultery, which is causing the destruction of family values throughout the country.  By doing so, it has been the cause that made an easy annual 20 million new cases of STD's yearly throughout the US alone.  Even US television networks are not helping by accepting and producing 8pm and 9pm evening family reality shows like "Sister Wives" showing a man with multiple wives having multiple children as true family values and as a true reality in the United States

When you say bestiality, you can hear the word beast, which is a very good clue to the meaningPeople who like bestiality are people who like having sex with animals.  Clearly NH’s government felt a far more greater need to make a Bestiality law in NH instead of an adultery law in NH.  Therefore however, heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, and/or even oral sexual marital affairs, committed within a marriage, will still currently remain very legal with no grounds to divorce according to state laws, or shall we say, the lack of state laws in NH.  And most importantly, having a NH rogue judicial branch of government, who not only proudly but stupidly abuses their power, and continue to clearly and arrogantly refuse to enforce original laws  passed instead of rewriting them. The NH rogue judicial branch, will not be helping anytime soon

The NH rogue judicial branch of government will continue to only remain the problem and will never participate in legally being part of a legal solution. NH legislators removed NH's adultery law that was a respectable strong family values law because of one lazy rogue judicial branch of government illegally continuing to contradict and rewrite the definition to all laws already written and passed.  They are simply very illegally playing god with other peoples lives because there are absolutely no repercussions enforced when NH Judges break any or all laws voted in by legislators.  The results to these actions?  NH is now No. 2 in the nation with binge drinking children between the ages of 12 to 20

According to NH family court records for the past century, the NH Judicial branch of government always decrees and minimalizes adultery to just a little "Irreconcilable Differences", that was the actual initial present cause that finally ended a marriage.  Just like in my case when adultery is proven, NH judges always prejudicially question and concentrate on what the innocent spouse is accused of, sometimes even decades ago, to now excuse the other spouse for committing adultery decades later.  This becomes what is equivalent to all adultery in NH instead of in the real world of reality, where adultery actually is always the final straw the broke a marriage and simply is the initial cause to divorce.  Thus excusing and minimalizing the final act of adultery to be just a little disagreement and just a minimal "Irreconcilable Differences" to only belittling it to the equivalence of everything else that could break apart a marriage

For example, in my case, Marital Master Love Stated for my 50% part of the breakdown in my marriage was my conviction, and always screaming and yelling, which was about my ex husband constantly lying about his affair and  closing all joint accounts without telling me first.  I found out during the divorce that he premeditated planned to leave me and was emptying his 401K for the last 12 years of our marriage without my knowledge.  He was preparing a nest egg for when he decided he could safely financially choose when to leave and divorce me.  He was stealing marital life savings that he would not have been capable of having if he was single.  His checking account clearly supported he was using that nest egg to apparently now finance his divorce and support his new mistress who was his co-worker's used mistress, with 4 kids by three different men.  So my screaming and yelling over such things like this was apparently my 50% cause of the breakdown in my marriage in the courts eyes, that became the equivalency to my husband's adultery.  His lying, and committing adultery, and stealing marital funds to support it, was the real reality and final cause that actually and intentionally ended our 21 year marriage

Marital Master Love questioned whether I was the one lying or not in the divorce decree.  But (OOPs!) she made no mention about Both my ex husband and his attorney, whom did NOT question, testify, object or deny, to any testimony and/or the fact, that on October 12, 2007, my ex husband actually admitted to a Nashua police officer in front of me that he was lying to both his attorney and myself throughout the divorce.  Which was a problem throughout the entire divorce that had to be constantly addressed through multiple letters and phone calls between his attorney and mine.  His attorney, Richard C. Follender had only one response to this testimony/information given in court.  He just looked down at the floor with guilt in his own knowledge that this was true, while he just quietly mumbled, "That question wasn't asked", after this testimony was given

While during a line of questioning by my attorney to one of my witnesses, who was my husband's co-worker's wife, and who was another victim of my husband's then mistress now wife, my husband's attorney, Richard C. Follender's body language suddenly but very clearly spoke volumes.  During her testimony, she stated that when she called my house when I was at work, to leave a message, my husband was there illegally trespassing, and angrily answered the phone when he saw the caller I.D.  She was angry and just told Roger repeatedly over and over again, "What your doing IS WRONG Roger, IT... IS...WRONG!"  Roger just angrily responded to her own experience and pain by just saying, "who are you to judge!"  Attorney Follender, who was just listening to her whole testimony, was sitting  behind the table in the courtroom with both elbows on the table in front of him.  In that moment he suddenly just lifted his hands and dropped his forehead facing down into the palms of his hands and just began shaking his head, No, No, No, No, as if to say, oh god, please tell me this really isn't happening.  He then immediately jerked his head up glaring angrily towards his own client (Roger Brosor) with disgust, who sat quietly frozen, as if to say, SERIOUSLY?  YOU ACTUALLY REALLY  DID THAT?  ARE YOU KIDING ME?  Attorney follender along with my husband both, did not question, object or deny to the testimony given, and suddenly just kept silent. Nor did they ever once question, object or deny any other testimony given on my behalf.  I believe their silence with no objections or argument clearly supported once again, the fact that my husband did indeed commit Perjury and I told the truth.  And Attorney Follender who apparently does no research on his own clients stories, like many other lawyers, just continued to commit Perjury himself on behalf of my ex husband's stories for thousands of dollars with no repercussions from breaking the laws himself.  This is a crime committed daily throughout the NH Family Courts, that is simply just illegally ignored and permitted by all NH judges with absolutely no repercussions by law

Marital Master Love never once mentioned the NH Voodoo word adultery in my decree, or mentioned my ex husband's testimony admitting he used a voice activated recorder to illegally Audio Tape record our conversations and then played them back to others in NH.  This happens to be illegal and a felony in NH, which is a 2 party state by law.  There was no mention of the private investigator's testimony with videos and report that supported the evidence of adultery which during that time was also a felony.  She had never even mention any of the emails by the co-respondent/mistress tampering with my witness, who was my ex husband's married co-worker and the co-respondent/mistress's ex married lover

In the emails she offered to continue a relationship with my ex husband's co-worker, while being engaged now to marry my husband throughout our divorce.  Only IF the co-worker would write a letter to the courts stating I was telling lies. Her exact words were, "You aren't the one on trial in front of a judge in 29 days and having your children and your home at stake now are you?... You have helped a very destructive and sick woman to destroy our friends life long work and earnings... I want justice for Roger..."I need" (NOT WHAT ROGER BROSOR NEEDS?) you to fix the damage you have caused Roger by writing him an apology and a letter to the court saying that Jean is manipulating the courts with half truths turned into lies...Don't ignore my request, it's on the table until the end of today, after that you will have to read old email to stay connected to me because I will be done communicating with you in every and any way...A friendship with you would be so much better than what we now have." Who truly is the very "sick and destructive" one now?  That my friends, is simply called Witness Tampering and apparently is very illegally acceptable to the NH Judicial Branch of government.  But then again so is Threats and Bribes which once again, has also proven to be very illegally acceptable to the NH Judicial family courts too.  During the 2 years it took to divorce my husband and his mistress I had my car keyed on the driver side door, and the air was let out of all 4 of my tires 5 times during that period of time, in retail store parking lots, at my home, and even at work

My ex husband was also court ordered off the property unless he had my permission first.  when I said no, he was ringing my doorbell ten minutes later and I had to call the police. He was only willing to leave after the police showed up and refused to press charges if he would just leave. That is called Contempt of Court!  Clearly my ex husband along with his NH second hand prostitute of a mistress now wife that he shared with his married co-worker, proved to have no respect for the law and was never charged for their crimes or lies that he even admitted to in court. The list goes on

NH judges and evidently all prosecutors too, cannot be bothered to actually do the job for the people who pay their $100,000+ per year salaries that includes pensions and medical to boot when it comes to all crimes committed and then testified to committing in court.  Even if our lives depend on it.  And they do! They have proven over and over again just how much they truly need an education, on what is even illegal or legal to actually correctly do the jobs their expected and paid to do. To prosecute the crimes committed.  Whether it is domestic or not, needs to stop being a lazy excuse to not do what their employed to do.  Especially when evidence is actually handed to them on a silver platter, slapping them right in the face

NH will remain the leading state well known for legalizing adultery.  The one consistent remaining pandemic that's causing this country to divorce.  Just like when Grand Theft is committed in a marriage by one spouse from the other to finance and support their adultery, along with all other crimes committed during a marriage and divorce.  Adultery is A.O.K. in in the eyes of NH family courts.  Actions clearly speak louder than words

So if you now catch your spouse in a compromising position having sex with the cat or the dog in NH, you just might have better luck to divorce on fault grounds, and you possibly even just might find a NH prosecutor to actually do their job and actually prosecute a crime committed that's now a Bestiality Law instead of the little NH crimes such as Grand theft, Perjury, Witness TamperingAudio Recording in a 2 party state, Contempt Of Court, or even Bribery to a NH judge.  Hey, NH is basically just handing out Get out of Jail Free Cards faster than they can print them these days throughout the NH family court system

All evidence of criminal activity that goes through the NH family court will never be handed over to further be processed and charged, never mind prosecuted in a criminal court.  Both NH's Marital Master Love and Superior Criminal Court Judge Groff have evidently very clearly have proven that laziness throughout NH's judicial system is made clear.  I was told by the police that a prosecutor will not take the case because the crimes already were brought before a (family court) judge who evidently but clearly chose to ignore the crimes committed, and not to further press charges for prosecution of the clear evidence of criminal activity any further now through NH criminal court. Therefore their hands were tied and nothing could be done

So please remember, in the end, it is only a daft NH judge who has the final say on your life.  And we all know where that gets us.  It only took the NH Supreme Court over 260 years to actually just dust off and open a 42 year old Webster dictionary just to only educate themselves on sexual intercourse and not the law, in the adultery case of Blanchflower v Blanchflower

Yes people, even when smaller minds are grouped together like the NH Judicial Branch of government are, can only become as smart as the little intelligence they are only capable to produce.  Sadly however, they still remained incompetent to find and define "A" for Another, "D" for Different or "F" for Fault Divorce, correctly or properly for the NH adultery law that once was in this state, even still to this day.  Hopefully one day they will actually soon learn that a dictionary actually covers from A to Z

The NH Supreme Court overturned the first and only one true existing case of adultery correctly charged on record by a NH judge.  Blanchflower v Blanchflower was the only adultery case properly originally decreed as adultery by a NH judge in over the past 100 years of NH's court records, and then was wrongly overturned, and minimalized once again, by the NH Supreme Court.  To once again, only just a little "Irreconcilable Differences."  The wife openly admitted to having an affair with a woman

So how long will it take NH (gods) judges, lawyers, and prosecutors to correctly dust off those dictionaries and the rest of their law books to define and actually educate themselves on a Bestiality law?  Among many other old and new NH laws to actually get with the program, do you ask?  Well only time will tell.  hopefully It will not be over another two and a half centuries.  But then again, NH judges have proven time and time again, that for them to even define the laws correctly, they still require an education first on how to even read them correctly.  Sadly NH is still waiting for it's judicial branch of government to learn that babies are not conceived and born from up above, and then dropped from the sky, to be delivered to your front doorstep by a stork's beak like in a jar of classic pickles commercial.  Apparently it's been made very clear but unfortunate that the state of NH's proud government clearly will continue to be smoking the same tobacco, from the same pipe, producing just the same psychotic chaos as our famous new president proudly continues to do

The USA and NH state have a Judicial Branch of government along with some politicians, who are still arguing that adultery is a moral issue and not a legal issue.   Well clearly all US government branches, especially NH's, lack an education in the real purpose for having any laws and rules throughout this country in the first place

All laws and rules in this country have always been, and will always be, on what was perceived to be morally based first, on a right from wrong to any living being and humanity, since the Constitution of the United States of America was very clearly written.  Therefore all laws are all only morals that just now become legally enforced.  So in other words people, drop the stupidity, because stupid only is as stupid continues to do and get, and finally, would you Just Get Over It Already
plural noun: morals

a lesson, especially one concerning what is right or prudent, that can be derived from a story, a piece of information, or an experience

the moral of this story was that one must see the beauty what one has

a person's standards of behavior or beliefs concerning that is and is not acceptable for them to do

"the corruption of public morals"

moral code, code of ethics, (moral) values, principles, standards, (sense of) morality, scruples
"he has no morals"

Secondly, all government branches have also very clearly forgotten that as long as any US government branch has any say in morally regulating any laws and rules pertaining to our marriage licenses and divorce decrees, proves our government has already been, and will always be in the business of, morally regulating our marriages and divorces, along with morally regulating our bedrooms, sex lives, and love lives that go along with it!  Whether 2 adults are "morally consenting" or not

Thirdly, NH's Rogue Judicial branch of government needs to stop not "morally consenting" to doing the jobs that they were morally entrusted to do, and actually need to finally "morally consent" to do the jobs that they were actually morally delegated to do.  To simply morally follow and enforce the legislative laws and legitimate rules of this country and NH state.  Is this really clearly to much to ask?  Clearly we thought not, but then again, NH's judicial branch of government will always consistently illegally continue to educate us otherwise by proudly recording their stupidity all on record

You will notice that the following new NH Bestiality law proudly does not discriminate against heterosexual, homosexual, and bisexual or even oral sexual contact between a human and/or any animal that is, "either dead or alive."  And the guilty will even have to "Submit to a psychological assessment and participate in appropriate counseling at the convicted person’s own expense"  It doesn't even discriminate against any one specific species of "animal”, meaning a nonhuman mammal, bird, reptile, or amphibian."  No discrimination whatsoever.  Exactly as the original adultery law was written but never enforced and then hypocritically removed

So obviously NH legislators will clearly protect animals against any and all kinds of human sexual contact, but will not protect a married human from their human spouse having heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or even oral sexual contact with others who are not their spouse, who will never ever require appropriate counselling on family values at their own expense for committing adultery

NH, the state who proudly continues to participate in producing the annual 20 million new yearly cases of STD's caused in the United States alone.  Now to only proudly increase the already 16 billion in healthcare costs that is only caused by STD's alone.  NH, always part of the problem and never part of the solution.  Bravo NH, bravo!  Only in NH folks, only in NH
 AN ACT prohibiting bestiality
SPONSORS: Rep. Rogers, Merr. 28; Rep. Baldasaro, Rock. 5; Rep. Burt, Hills. 39; Rep. Ford, Graf. 3; Rep. Horrigan, Straf. 6; Rep. Berch, Ches. 1; Rep. C. Chase, Ches. 8; Rep. Abbott, Ches. 1; Sen. D'Allesandro, Dist 20
 COMMITTEE: Criminal Justice and Public Safety
 This bill establishes the crime of beastiality
  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 Explanation: Matter added to current law appears in bold italics
Matter removed from current law appears [in brackets and struck through.]

Matter which is either (a) all new or (b) repealed and reenacted appears in regular type
In the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand Sixteen
AN ACT prohibiting bestiality
Be it Enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court convened
 1  New Subdivision; Bestiality.  Amend RSA 632-A by inserting after section 24 the following new subdivision

632A:25  Bestiality
I.  A person commits, bestiality by intentionally committing any of the following acts
(a)  Engaging in organizing, promoting, conducting, advertising, aiding, abetting, participating in as an observer, or performing any service in the furtherance of sexual contact or sexual penetration with an animal

(b)  Offering or accepting the offer of an animal for consideration with the intent that it be subject to sexual contact or sexual penetration

(c)  Photographing or filming or distributing such photographs or films, for the purpose of sexual arousal or gratification, of a person engaged in sexual contact or sexual penetration with an animal
II.  Any person convicted of a violation of this section shall be guilty of a class B felony
(a)  Submit to a psychological assessment and participate in appropriate counseling at the convicted person’s own expense
(b)  Reimburse an animal shelter for any reasonable costs incurred for the care and maintenance of any animal that was taken to the animal shelter as a result of conduct proscribed by this section
(c)  Shall not own, harbor, exercise control over, or reside in the same household with any animal for a period of time deemed reasonable by the court
IV.  This section shall not apply to(a)  Accepted veterinary medical practices performed by a licensed veterinarian or veterinary technician
b)  Insemination of animals by the same species, bred for commercial purposes
(c)  Accepted animal husbandry practices that provide necessary care for animals bred for commercial purposes
V.  For purposes of this section, "animal” means a nonhuman mammal, bird, reptile, or amphibian, either dead or alive
 Effective Date.  This act shall take effect January 1, 2017

Jun 25, 2016

New Hampshire D- Report Card in 2015 State Integrity Investigation

New Hampshire gets D grade in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 State Integrity Investigation

Seven Years Later


Now New Hampshire gets D- grade in 2015 State Integrity Investigation

An entrenched belief in limited government



Jun 5, 2016


The NH Family Judicial Branch is a NH government branch that is a plague that doesn’t know when enough is enough.  Every year for the past several years, NH statistics will show that the state's integrity and accountability investigation grades for Public Access To Information, and the Judiciary Conduct Committee, continues to remain an (F)

So why is the government of NH forcing its people to give them supporting evidence of a problem when their own records and statistics already support this fact?  On January 1, 2015, NH legislators gave up their fight for family values and legalized adultery.  The NH Family Judicial Branch has proven to rule with no morals or family values, and above all, no laws for the past 100 years.  When a single government branch in NH chooses to sink ships, you can believe without a doubt, that every man, woman, and child, throughout the state, will eventually end up, automatically sinking with it.  NH already had the following statistics and facts within their own records to prove it

Fact 1: Proves that NH Legalizes adultery the same time the NH DHHS HEALTH ALERT reported their updated Center for Disease Control (CDC) 2015 Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) ReportSTD's are now on the rise throughout the state of NH.  Clearly this is no surprise to NH's government.  The NH Family Judicial Branch has denied the fact that adultery has ever existed within the entire state of NH, now for almost a century.  The NH court system continues to only spread the diseases instead of spreading the cures

The CDC estimates that nearly 20 million new sexually transmitted infections occur every year in the United States. STDs annually create significant morbidity, increased risk for HIV transmission and account for almost $16 billion in health care costs.  Data presented below include all cases reported in New Hampshire to the Division of Public Health Services during 2014.  You don't have to look very far to see the epidemic plagued by recklessness caused by the NH Family Judicial Branch of government, for well over the past 68 years

FACT 2: Proves that due to increasing reports by the CDC, of reported gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis infections in New Hampshire, all healthcare providers should take a thorough sexual history to determine patient risk and need for STD screening

FACT 3: Proves that Gonorrhea: 234 cases of gonorrhea were reported in 2014.  This represents a 50% increase from 2013 when only 118 cases were reported. 128 (55%) of the total reported cases were seen in individuals aged 20-29 years, and 141 (60%) of the total reported cases were among males

FACT 4: Proves that Chlamydia: 3,560 cases of chlamydia were reported in 2014, which is an increase compared to the 3,126 cases reported in 2013. More than half of all chlamydia cases were seen in individuals aged 20-24 years (51%). 2,437 (68%) of the total cases reported were among females

FACT 5: Proves that Syphilis: 56 cases of early syphilis (primary, secondary or early latent) were reported in 2014, compared to 45 cases reported in 2013. 34% were co-infected with HIV and 70% were cases in MSM. However, there was a 33% increase in cases reported in women, and a 46% increase in cases where heterosexual contact was reported as the mode of transmission from 2013 to 2014


FACT 6: Proves that in the year 2010, NH statistics broke all records showing that 58% of homeless people were now entire families and not just individuals alone.  Over half the number of NH homeless people throughout the entire state are now individual groups of entire families. 

FACT 7: Proves that in 2011-2013, the CDC DATA showed that the number of deaths by suicide in NH now had reached 15.4% alone, when it was only 12.7% throughout the entire country.  From 2012 to 2015 the state of NH now ranks No. 21 in the United States for the number of suicides while that number still only continues to rise

FACT 8: Proves that in 2015, NH's law enforcement have now been forced to increase all their actions against NH's ridiculous out of control numbers of deaths, that are only people choosing to commit suicide by the use of heroin and/or prescription drugs alone.  Only to stop being forced to live out illegal court orders by a judge based on no laws or evidence

FACT 9: Proves that on August 20, 2013, NH's WMUR News 9 reported that the state of New Hampshire now has ranked No. 16 in the U.S. with a 12.2% of NH people now being divorced.  While the number of marriages were actually decreasing during that same period of time

The state that ranked No. 1 in the U.S. for the highest number of divorces was non other than NH's next door neighbor Maine.  They had a 13.8% of people being divorced while their number of marriages also continue to go down, during that same period of time

FACT 10: Proves that in 2015, statistics now show that the NH Rogue Judicial Family Branch epidemic is so ridiculously out of control, that NH now ranks No. 2 throughout the entire nation for NH's youth, who are binge drinking and/or doing drugs, between the ages of 12-20.  Who now need Alcoholics Anonymous and/or drug counseling

Fact 11: Proves that because of these 10 facts,  only 25 people were permitted a maximum of 3 minutes each to testify in front of Sen. Sharon Carson, Judge Edwin Kelly, Rep. Kim Rice and Rep. Frank Edelblutat an adhoc meeting held in concord on May 25, 2016.  The one common denominator that came from each and every testimony given, is the overwhelming evidence, showing that the NH Family Judicial Branch is not following federal and/or state laws, or even their own rules

  The system encourages people to fight over children. "It’s bad for the courts. It’s bad for the taxpayers. It’s bad for the children.”  John Kelly said.  (no relation to Judge Edwin Kelly) “It’s good for one group of people. It’s good for lawyers who promote the fighting.  That is why the JCC (Judiciary Conduct Committee) is graded an (F)."  He said

  However, "We can’t change case results",  according to Judge Edwin Kelly, who is the head of the NH Circuit Court.  Which is like saying we cannot reopen police files on a closed case when it is done time and time again, based on the original evidence they already had on file supporting the need to. When NH Family Court judges close a case, they simply bolt the door behind them and throw away the key.  Only washing their hands of thousands of deadly illegal criminal "mistakes" made in courtrooms daily throughout the state by judges alone

The Honorable Judge Kelly "does feel badly for people in difficult family situations, but took note that only one side of the stories were being presented at the meeting. "I learned a long time ago that you can’t listen to one side of any story and have the answer. At the same time, I’m first to acknowledge that judges make mistakes also,” he said

These final so-called "mistakes" are only made in the end, by NH justices alone.  The one defining obstacle that apparently has been made very clear, throughout decades of multiple research, is that the NH Rogue Judicial Branch of government, is a careless reckless lazy anarchy, that is only an illegal rogue branch of government choosing to continually and willfully not enforce all federal and state laws, or even their own illegal rules that clearly are contradicting legislative laws

All lawyers should be held legally responsible and accountable to have the evidence that supports their argument on behalf of a client.  In other words, They should produce supporting evidence of everything that comes out of their mouth or put in writing on their client's behalf.  Plainly put up or shut up, and exclude wasting valuable time and money by submitting, assisting, and committing, only arguments based on nothing but hearsay, perjury, contempt of court, witness tampering, and obstruction of justice.  Lawyers and/or their clients should be automatically charged with severe consequences when they are committing these crimes

If incapable of producing what is required during discovery, an explanation in writing should be submitted from the company itself, or the individual party delaying the receipt of said information required and why.  This simply is still not being enforced by the courts.  NH judicial judges should be re-enforcing legal consequences onto lawyers and/or their clients, who consistently are permitting, assisting, and committing, these crimes daily. It is the judge's job to enforce all laws.  Therefore in the end, it is ultimately only the judge's criminal, irresponsible, reckless and deadly "mistakes" when they don't

To the head of the NH Circuit Court, Judge Edwin Kelly, you are wrong.  You sir already have access to both sides of the story, not to mention daily transcripts, video, and audio recordings throughout the state showing the insanity performed by your colleagues and/or employees who are permitting, assisting, and committing hearsay, perjury, contempt of court, witness tampering, and obstruction of justice, daily throughout NH courtrooms.  It is anything but the laws or job requirements that are being performed and enforced throughout the entire NH family court system

I suggest that you stop being as lazy as the rest of your colleagues and/or employees are, and actually open a case file or two along with the corresponding video and audio, that goes with it.  You should actually read, listen, and review all of the evidence, or lack there of for yourself.  Which is exactly what all of your colleagues and/or employees should be doing in the first place.  Multiple court records of transcripts are on audio, along with video recordings made daily of each and every case.  That are only filled with crimes all recorded on record, showing that nothing is being done about it

NH Court Clerk Records are not free of cost to the public, but must clearly be accessible to the administrative head of the NH Circuit Court, or at least one person responsible to accurately review these employee's (judges) job position and performances.  These insane illegal rulings are being continually made by each and every one of your colleagues and/or employees.  Who are permitting and committing nothing more than hearsay, perjury, contempt of court, witness tampering, and/or obstruction of justice themselves.  Therefore causing far more worse than just simply OOPs "mistakes" as you so simply put it.  People are being court ordered and stripped of their means to even survive life itself, and are dying from a repetitive epidemic, only plagued and inflicted by one rogue branch of government alone

NH court records and government statistics are an overwhelming significant amount of material evidence that also is proving that the crimes don't just begin and end with the NH judicial Branch.  It dominos throughout the following NH committees that are only made up of NH judges and lawyers.  Who have apparently only protected, supported, and aided in covering up all their colleagues crimes permitted and committed daily throughout NH's courtrooms

The NH Judiciary Conduct Committee

The NH Bar Association Dispute Resolution Committee

The NH Supreme Courts Attorney Discipline Office
and last but never shall be the least

The NH's Attorney General's Office

Oooh, what an evil web of dominos that NH's corrupted mafia simply continues to weave.  The NH Rogue Judicial Mafia branch of government continues to have free immunity from all federal and state laws.  They apparently choose to recklessly share this epidemic of free immunity from all laws, only with NH's Guardian At Litems, and/or apparently with corrupted NH lawyers too, who just continually only follow the NH Rogue Family Judicial Branch's lead.  As the saying goes, give them an inch and they will take a mile

Altogether they truly are a corrupted dynamic trio that are quite the corrupted judicial system we are forced to suffer from today.  These deadly plagues referred to as simply just OOPs "mistakes", are a reckless and deadly epidemic that continually spreads throughout NH courtrooms daily.  And all from those who are nothing more than corrupted licensed officials playing god.  Who should have been stopped and removed from their profession and/or position decades ago

When the Trade Center and the Pentagon were attacked, along with the attempts made on the white house, our government immediately sent rescue workers and the military to take immediate action.  When plague and disease break out, our government will work with the CDC and will immediately take and enforce the necessary steps to take immediate action.  When natural disasters occur, our government will send FEMA and the RED CROSS to help people and take immediate action.  Well, we all thought they did anyway.  So where the hell is our government now?  And why the hell is it taking decades to take immediate action when people are unnecessarily, but ultimately dying just from the outcome of divorces and/or child custody suits alone

People have been demanding for decades now for help and an explanation for all the unnecessary reckless illnesses and deaths, murders, suicides, that are inflicted, spread, and caused daily, only by the entire NH Family Judicial Branch's insane, reckless, and plain stupidity, on the simple basics of laws, rules, and evidence, for the past 100 years

Why is it taking another 100 years to cure an epidemic  plagued by NH judges when the cure has been staring them right in front of their face all along?  No one should simply be given the right to play God with other people's lives.  NO ONE!!!  Oversight and legal accountability for the NH Judicial Branch is a simple but necessary cure.  The kind that will legally enforce all laws, and only rules that legally support all legislative laws written.  Not just contradict all federal and state laws, the way the NH Supreme Court illegally continues to direct the entire NH Judicial Branch of government to do

All judicial judges should be held equally accountable  to insure all responsibility for the lives of others placed in their care.  Equally the same as all medical physicians who are held legally responsible and accountable for all the lives of others placed in their care, throughout their own profession

When will NH stop passing the buck and stop playing dominos with other peoples lives.  Isn't the death toll high enough?  Is it really going to take another 68 to 100 years of NH having ridiculous rising tolls of divorce, illnesses, suicide and murder statistics?  Thousands of lives throughout the years have been plagued with insane illegal court rulings that only end up with constant increasing numbers of STD's, and entire families being left homeless, while multiple people and children are choosing death by heroin and/or prescription drugs, murders and/or suicides alone, simply from court orders from the NH Family Court system.  93% of all of this stems from domestic issues handled by The NH Family Court, who is now the No.1 cause for all of this happening in NH.  And above all that, NH is now rated second place throughout the entire country for binge drinking children, between the ages of 12 to 20.  This is what true Family Court Justice is in NH

Seriously, who really needs to fear a group of insane terrorists with bombs and bullets when your own insane rogue government branch is the actual cause of nothing more than multiple insane slow abusive deaths daily for them.  It truly is ironic and extremely frightening at the same time.  The only truthful difference and fact is, we do not pay the terrorists a salary with pensions and medical coverage to do this to us like we do with the NH family court system

Fact 12: For god sakes, a man pored gasoline all over his body then struck a match and burned himself to death on the front steps of a NH courthouse building after 10 years of still being in the NH Family Court system.  Another NH man shot his son then himself during a court ordered visitation in front of a certified NH board approved GAL.  Who simply gets full immunity from all laws. Yet the GAL was the only one fortunate enough to survive to tell the tale and become the only witness to both their murder and suicide

This was simply all caused from a NH Judge court ordering a 10 year old boy to visit with his soon to be killer, scheduled in a facility to cheap to have supervision at all times to watch over their metal detector.  Never mind having someone there to just even turn it on.  The court was made well aware of the father's intentions of a murder/suicide attempt, that was repeatedly made known by the mother, a year prior to this incident.  NH records have been very clear in accurately showing us nothing but cruel unnecessary reckless loss of life that is a regular epidemic only caused and forced onto people by the NH Rogue Judicial Branch of government on a regular basis

What more evidence could the state of NH possibly need before the government stops talking and starts taking immediate action to do something about it. Well Judge Kelly when you say, "that Judges make (OOP's) mistakes also", is truly the most insane understated crime of the century to say the least.  I guess the slow increasing body count spread throughout the years in this state, just isn't as memorable as it would be if it had only just happened all in one day, the same as 9/11 did

I happen to be only one of the very few survivors from more than one of those simply so-called unnecessary devastating OOPS "mistakes."  I ended up having a stroke at the age of 50 from a blink of an eye and a 15 minute hearing with a NH Superior Criminal Court Judge.  I was suddenly sentenced and court ordered to sell my house to only have a car to live out of with no bank accounts to live off of with just a $164/week gross income.  All just so my ex could continue to to live with and spend our 21 years of life savings on his coworker's shared welfare fraud committing prostitute of a mistress with 4 children by 3 different men, all throughout our divorce

I ended up incapable to pay for all my monthly co-pays for daily medications I required to avoid heart attacks and/or strokes, and having to choose between gas money to work and/or groceries to survive.  My doctors repeatedly told me the irreversible toll it was already taking on my body, and that it would only be a matter of time before what will happen if I continued without my medication, given my family history with heart disease and strokes

when I did finally end up having a stroke predicted by my doctor, I was hospitalized for several weeks, in and out of ICU, with multiple blood clot's that had to be immediately treated and removed from both sides of my lungs and also from the right frontal lobe of my brain. This was inflicted all by a single decision made only by a NH judge within a 15 minute hearing, who just simply denied me any capable means to even survive a divorce, never mind life itself

The Southern NH Medical Center's ER in Nashua NH, immediately examined me and did MRI's upon my arrival by ambulance.  They then immediately transported me all within 40 minutes, by a Med-Evac Helicopter to Boston's Mass General Hospital's rooftop.  A surgical team was already and waiting to bring me into the O.R. to operate immediately.  Hoping to safely remove the blood clot that I now had in the right frontal lobe of my brain, that caused my stroke

I was then later transported back to Nashua, NH, from Mass General Hospital, to St. Joseph Hospital.  Where I unexpectedly needed more surgery for more blood clots I incurred.  I began having unforeseen complications that kept arising from each previous surgical procedure that now began to cause hemorrhaging.  Then from there I had to be transported to Catholic Medical Center for vascular surgery that I required to hopefully stop the repetitive hemorrhaging I then had in one location

I ended up requiring a dozen blood transfusions just in the first three weeks alone.  Yes, that's right, over 12 blood transfusions, just to keep me alive from multiple surgical procedures I now required from a stroke inflicted by a NH judge's cruel illegal reckless behavior alone.  I was in and out of ICU from one procedure after another that followed with months of treatment and therapy required, that now exists everyday to this day, now 2 1/2 years later.  This is my life and my future that I now will have to endure for the rest of my life.  All simply from a single reckless decision made by  a15 minute hearing with a NH judge

A doctor who cuts off the wrong limb sir, would simply no longer be practicing their profession and would even be removed from their position.  They would be held legally responsible and accountable for such cruel deadly reckless stupidity upon other people's lives.  Instead now, innocent hard working taxpayers are forced to pay out hundreds of thousands of dollars in hard earned salaries just on medical care alone for one individual alone.  And all  caused just from a single 15 minute hearing and careless criminal "mistakes" made by a NH judge

So no, I will not be silenced and I will survive to continue to be a constant broken record of facts, unlike the NH Judicial Branch who only has been ignoring laws for at least an entire century now.  In the end, I am the one who endures a permanent brain injury, that became a strong possibility just from the necessary surgery that I now was forced into needing, and required in Boston, just to survive

I also now suffer with additional but multiple permanent physical disabilities that could of all been avoided, had the courts simply permitted me the means to continue my medical regiment, and/or had even looked at a single paystub or bank statement.  Apparently my ex husband's sex addiction with his co-worker's prostitute of a mistress with 4 children by 3 different men was clearly far more important to support at the time, instead of his wife of 21 years and mother of his child.  Is this really to much to ask of a judge to do?  Well I think not

 I am only one of these 3 incidences that occurred, and there are thousands more like us.  Some are still committing suicides.  Some are still committing both murders and suicides.  And yes, the rest are barely surviving like myself.  While enduring the end results of a court order by a NH judge. Who just simply continues to play god with other people's lives.  These court orders are so severe and irreversible that the damage cannot even be pardoned or reversed by a NH governor if he or she chose to

I did everything required by the courts. When I filed for divorce, I immediately filed for a relief hearing requesting temporary alimony because my income was only $164/week gross at the time the divorce was filed.  Superior Criminal Court Judge Groff only permitted a 15 minute hearing when court documents stated that 30 minutes was ordered and scheduled for this hearing

Judge Groff never once asked for a single bank statement, or paystub, or even a private investigators report when he denied my request based on nothing but perjury and obstruction of justice, on my ex husband's behalf.  He just simply granted my ex husband's request to sell my inheritance and only roof I had over my head

The mortgage was my ex's 50% purchased from my sister to begin with.  My 50% was a mortgage free inheritance that is gone now.  This was all so my husband could just simply be capable to continue his spending spree with OUR 21 years of life savings on his co-workers shared prostitute of a mistress with 4 children by 3 different men, who just completed her second divorce, just 4 months before I filed for mine

When My attorney told Judge Groff that my ex and his lawyer were outright lying throughout the hearing, only then did Judge Groff request any kind of evidence or proof of what was being told to him.  My attorney reached for the private investigators report while explaining to Judge Groff what the evidence is.  Judge Groff then suddenly ignores the material  evidence, without even glancing or looking it over, and said, "well neither one of them can afford the house", again, based on absolutely no material or circumstantial evidence, and/ony law to support what he's talking about

My attorney then asked Judge Groff "Where is she suppose to go?  What is she suppose to do?"  He just ignored her questions and just ended the hearing.  When my attorney pleaded with the courts again, to reconsider his denial based on no laws or factual material evidence, the courts denied me again

The small proceeds from the court ordered sale were then put into escrow until the divorce finalized.  My ex purposely racked up a mortgage and equity loan while calculating and banking money for over a decade to leave me with nothing

He was withdrawing and draining his 401K and was hiding it it for years in separate bank accounts.  Meanwhile, he continued his ramped spending sprees with OUR 21 years of marital life saving's with his current mistress that he was introduced to by his married coworker who was having an affair with her first

He was paying her rent, her utilities, all her prescriptions, food, and clothing, along with vacations, gifts, restaurants, and movie theatre expenses.  He supported all 4 of her children's after school activities, medical, food, clothing along with cell phones for each of them.  He was capable to support all of this because it all came from 21 years of marital life savings

I am left now to suffer daily reminders of that with daily physical weaknesses and sometimes pain throughout the entire left side of my body.  I struggle now with short term memory loss, and debilitating migraines three or more days a week. Therefore, 2 of NH Medicaid's assigned doctors along with my primary doctor, against all my wishes, declared me disabled and incapable to work, now from a brain injury and physical disabilities at the age of 50.  I still attempted to go back to work even against all three doctors diagnoses, but quickly soon found out I truly was incapable

I had a stroke forced and sentenced onto me at the age of 50 only so my husband can just splurge 21 years of marital life savings on nothing more than a coworker's shared used up prostitute of a mistress with 4 children by 3 different men who was also committing welfare fraud in the process.  This is what 50% of life is, that is court ordered by a NH judge in NH.  A gas chamber would simply have been a much more quicker and a kinder court order from a divorce than what I wake up to every day of my life with now

  I am forced to live without any future retirement plan or afford medical care of my choice.  I only live on $916/month that is paid by SSDI disability. It pays for my $495/month rent and utilities.  this only leaves me with only $16/month that NH so graciously granted me in food stamps, leaving only $421/month left to pay for the rest of my groceries, for my cell phone, all of my monthly medical co-pays and prescriptions that I may incur costs for, and my transportation.  I cannot drive a car and I cannot always afford taxies or public transportation when needed

I no longer am always capable of physically taking stairs, or walking to the nearest bus stop or capable to even lift and carry all my groceries.  This is my life and future that was all planned out and decided for me simply by my ex husband and processed by a NH Superior Criminal Court Judge.  So you are truly accurate sir in one way, when you say "We can't change case results", that are only being made by reckless deadly stupidity being spread throughout one entire single branch of government

I only have had constant helpful and caring support from a real god, and family, friends, doctors, nurses, and all of the medical facilities involved, who immediately took action to save my life to live for however long that may now be.  Not everyone is as fortunate to have the support with friends and family that I do.  They blessed and gave me the true strength and capability to endure re-educating myself to learn how to walk again, and to speak all over again, with ongoing months of treatment and therapy.  I am alive only from the care, love, and all the support that I have received in the past 2 1/2 years given to me by a real god and my aunts, cousins, friends, and all the medical professionals, working together throughout multiple hospitals

They took legal responsibility and are held legally accountable to at least attempt to make a difference and try to save my life and did.  All when the NH Rogue Family Judicial Branch only attempted to literally take it on behalf of my ex husband and his sharing coworker's used up welfare fraud committing prostitute of a mistress with 4 children by 3 different men.  Who was already divorced twice, that the courts were so supportive and caring for

This is what my ex husband, Roger R. Brosor, and his co-harts in crime,  Attorney Richard C. Follender, Superior Criminal Court Judge William John Groff, Marital Master Alice love, and last but never shall be the least, his new wife, his co-worker's sharing 2 timing Welfare Fraud Committing prostitute of a mistress, whom is non other than his 2nd wife now, Mrs. Laurie Anne Murry Nurnberg now Brosor, have all cost me, and will now proudly take to their graves

NH judges are continually not being held legally accountable for any of their wrongful devastating lazy reckless deadly rulings forced onto the lives of others.  Even with the simple use of a 42 year old dictionary, just like the NH Supreme court did, all while proudly documenting their own stupidity in 2003.  Sadly, they still are incapable of figuring out what the defined meaning to a 200+ year old NH adultery law was, even to this day.  Again, that was another sad ridiculous circus proudly recorded all on record by the NH Supreme Court

Medical physicians do not ask their patients for the diagnosis they already have in their own record's department.  So stop being lazy by taking another 100 years to review your colleagues and/or employee's job performances, and take action against an epidemic only plagued by your rogue branch of government who has been spreading it for the past 100 years.  I will tell you right now, the people of NH will never let that continue.  Judges have clearly not been enforcing the laws.  They are only permitting, assisting, and committing hearsay, perjury, contempt of court, witness tampering and obstruction of justice, all on behalf of a lawyer and their client, just the same as how Attorney Richard C. Follender continues to practice anything but NH laws still to this day

Well sir, I can show you over 2 1/2 years of hundreds of thousands of dollars paid out to medical care caused only by just one of those thousands of so called unnecessary OOP's careless and reckless "mistakes" made only by the NH Rogue Judicial Branch of government alone.  It proves how deadly wrong it is to have no supervision over the administrative heads of the courts and the entire Judicial Branch of government in NH

Shame on all NH government branches for completely having absolutely no respect for the lives of others.  There are 12 strong growing government statistics and facts, 13 when you include myself, full of evidence, and even more that surfaced just within the past decade!  Not to mention the number of graves already buried the last 100 years on record, caused throughout the NH Rogue Family Judicial Branch's archives alone

The medical profession has been forced for decades to be legally responsible and accountable to treat billions of dollars in unnecessary epidemics of illnesses, diseases and plagues brought on and spread by one insane single rogue branch of government.  And some are simply caused with the aid of a reckless NH Guardian Ad Litem and/or a lawyer's assistance too

The definition for the NH adultery law as of January 1, 2015 is only defined as a “Fault Divorce” and nothing more.  However, even when NH had an adultery law in place, the NH Supreme Court along with the entire NH Judicial Branch, have clearly documented their need for a strong education in the english language and the use of a 42 year old dictionary. Never mind requiring a completed education in the laws of this country and state.  Only to just simply define what sexual intercourse even was in the first place, in the year 2003

This is another fact that has caused a greater need now more than ever, for increasing medical costs for married couples alone.  There should be additional regular screening for STD'S required during physicals, and most definitely before, during, and after, the period of attempting to conceive a child in NH

The NH Family Judicial Branch lacks any form of family values and has clearly supported polygamy without a license on record for almost a century.  Roger and Laurie Ann Brosor along with the NH Supreme Court's illiterate ruling in the case of blanchflower v Blanchflower in 2003 is evidently all the evidence necessary supporting these fact

  NH justices say to hell with any legislative law written and/or voted on by legislators because the New Hampshire Supreme Court who is above the law for justice, narrow mindedly has illegally ruled that, "sexual intercourse does not include all types of sexual contact", which according to a dictionary, is false depending on how it is defined and used in a sentence

The Court also illegally narrow mindedly states, "that sexual intercourse is limited to sexual acts that could lead to the conception of a baby."   Yet even their own records have yet to even suggest, never mind even record, a single person throughout the state of NH, actually conceiving a baby with another person other than their spouse, for over the past 68 years.  If you believe that, then I have a hope diamond I dug out of my driveway that I would love to sell to you at a bargain.  You truly have to agree that this is definitely one for the world book of records

The state of NH can only continue to hope and pray that the NH Rogue Judicial Branch of government, will one day finally turn on that light bulb, and actually learn that human babies are not animatedly conceived and delivered by a stork like a jar of classic pickles.  This is the only one true kind of proud integrity the state of NH's justices have proudly supported and recorded on record now for almost a century

They also stated accordingly, and prejudicially that, "a homosexual affair does not rise to the level of adultery under New Hampshire law."  (LOL) Which is a false statement once again, that only illegally contradicted the old NH adultery law that only defined adultery as, "sexual intercourse with another."  "Another" is simply defined in the dictionary as "one that is different and/or in addition to."   Therefore, the old NH adultery law that once was, never stated or defined sexual intercourse with only the opposite gender.  And therefore, the old NH adultery law actually did at one time cover all forms of sex that are clearly different but in addition to sexual intercourse for well over the past 200+ years.  History clearly shows us that they were more with the times than the 21st century is now

Whether it was just sexual intercourse committed or sexual intercourse mechanically, emotionally, or yes people, even electronically committed, with others who are not your spouse, were all at one time, defined as adultery in NH.  This was when NH truly had strong family values.  The NH adultery law that once was written over 200+ years ago and is no longer a law, actually supported what would be today's normal standards for strong family values that today's society should support, without the criminal misdemeanor and felony aspects of it

The courts also illegally went further to narrow mindedly rule that, "equally, an emotional affair does not constitute adultery for purposes of obtaining a divorce."  Which once again (LOL), only another illegally contradiction to the old adultery law, when NH even had an adultery law in the first place

They further went on to say, "however, an emotional affair which causes significant emotional distress to the innocent spouse may result in a separate fault ground known as conduct to injure health and reason."  Again, only illegally contradicting the NH adultery law that once was and is no longer.  In the end, we are just paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in yearly incomes with a pension to boot for judges, who write and follow their own illegal rules written, that break all laws written by legislators in the past, present, or future

So for well over the past 6 decades, just having sexual intercourse with another other than your spouse, when married here in NH, never really was any real cause to divorce your spouse in the first place says the NH Supreme Court and the entire NH rogue judicial branch of government.  Thus, that is unless the so-called now impeccable proof of the adultery committed, also now has impeccable proof, that it is now the unquestionable "main cause" to even divorce, that now supports it is beyond the impeccable proof of any reasonable doubt, that it is the impeccable proof, that just is based on an illegal interpretation of the law itself. Just try and say that 3 times fast.  Remember, we are discussing the entire NH judicial branch led by the NH Supreme Court.  Clearly only concluding that tiny minds with no I.Q's. can truly think allot alike equally the same as great ones do when grouped together

Society has proven time and time again that strong guidelines with a defined adultery law in place is a necessity in every state.  NH actually had exactly that if legislators had only just removed the misdemeanor and felony part of the old adultery law without forcing to overthink the rest.  And above all, actually had a judicial branch of government that does not continue to completely ignore, contradict or illegally illiterately rewrite, or wrongfully redefine all NH laws, like the NH Supreme Court continues to do. While still lacking an education in the simple use of a dictionary from A to Z.  And also lacking an actual education in the use of a calculator

It was very clear according to the NH adultery law at the time, that sexual intercourse should never have ever been prejudicially questioned by the courts to begin with.  But the simple logic to that law along with many other laws, still, apparently completely escapes the entire NH Judicial Branch's lack of an I.Q., even to this day.  So much, that the state of NH simply voted to remove the 200+ year old law in 2015.  You don't require a high I.Q. to figure out how unknowledgeable NH judges really are when it comes to simply using a simple dictionary, never mind educating themselves in a completed library of federal and/or NH state law written in English in an encyclopedia

If adultery is proven in a 10 or more years of marriage, it should be automatically a 70/30 split.  If it is proven between 5-10 years of marriage, adultery should be a 65/35 split.  If it is proven in 5 or less years of marriage, it should simply be a 55/45 split.  Alimony also needs to pertain equally and accordingly to the length of the marriage. The longer the marriage, the longer alimony should be paid.  And yes boys and girls, this would actually require the NH Judicial Branch adding to a list of educational requirements, the actual knowledge in the use of a calculator

Taxpayers should not be forced to pay for all the Welfare and Medicaid caused by adultery spreading STD's ramped throughout the state of NH.  Then just maybe adultery will no longer be the number one cause for divorce throughout the entire country never mind being the real cause for divorce throughout the state of NH

My Ex husband filed for divorce 4 days after catching my private investigator.  He had closed all joint accounts 1 month after being introduced to his coworkers used prostitute of a mistress who directs other women's husbands on how to divorce their wives, only to marry them herself, once she's seen the lives they live and wants for herself.  When he filed for divorce 6 months later, he then immediately purchased an engagement ring just 3 weeks after he filed for divorce.  He lived with her all during the divorce while engaged to remarry during the divorce. He also financially supported this co-worker's shared Welfare Fraud committing used up prostitute of a mistress with 4 children by 3 different men, all by draining 21 years of our marital life savings during the divorce until they could legally marry

He immediately gave his attorney $5,000 to start divorce proceedings, then paid off his $4,700 credit card balance to only open a new credit card that he immediately racked up an additional balance of $15,000 in the following 6 months.  He also gave $7,800 to his coworker's shared mistress's church, then purchased a $2,500 engagement ring, spent $10,000 in cash for the month of December alone on her family, all within 3 months after filing for divorce.  He also withdrew and spent an additional $23,000 from his 401K.  After I found out that he had already been withdrawing from it for over the past several years to support his sex addiction.  Then he took weekend get-aways with her while his attorney's fees were all kept paid up to date during and after the divorce.  This is $68,000 alone that I had no access to, that is 50% pursuant to NH divorce laws still owed to me, not including the $21,000 paid attorney's fees that I never had access to or received during or after the divorce, now totaling $89,000 that is my 50% pursuant to NH laws owed just during the 2 years alone that it took to divorce

This was all financed only by OUR marital funds saved from a 21 year marriage that only he was capable to spend, that I was given no capable means to live off of myself.  That would not have even been capable or even had existed had he only been single and on his own.  My ex then signed a marriage license immediately after signing the divorce papers to only immediately be married once again.  He paid for a honeymoon, and then purchased a house all within 6 months after a divorce.  And all for a welfare fraud committing, used up 2 timing prostitute of a mistress, with 4 minor children by three different men, who was introduced to him during her second divorce by his co-worker who was already having an affair with her first.  So clearly she made no time for her 4 children by three different men.  You really don't need to ask why NH children have now become 2nd place in the nation for binge drinking and drug abuse.  NH needs adultery laws and a Judicial Branch of government with a brain never mind an I.Q.  Who will simply follow the laws that are already written and who are knowledgeable enough to properly enforce them

However, I on the other hand was left for homeless to live out of a car with no money in the bank to end up having a stroke just for all for this. I was even further discriminated and court ordered by the courts never to even live with the opposite sex or even marry until 5 years after the divorce or the little alimony I received would immediately be discontinued, null and voided.  I received less than 50% due pursuant to NH laws, and only 50% of what was left of my ex's spending spree on his coworker's shared used up Welfare Fraud committing mistress with 4 children by 3 different men.  NH definitely does not need to question why the number of STD's is constantly increasing throughout the state of NH

I was awarded less than 50% that was only paid in small monthly increments over the following 5 years from a fault divorce.  The NH Family Courts need to stop supporting polygamy without a license with nothing more than a NH 2 timing prostitute, while punishing and sentencing the wrong people to simply drop dead from it

Always Live Free or Die literally says the NH Family Judicial Branch.  Lets face the reality, records, truthful facts, and evidence, along with all the millions of dollars paid out, unnecessarily in medical care, caused only by the NH Judicial Branch's stupidity alone, that now only truly speaks for them alone. Stupidity only is as stupidity does and just keeps on getting in NH, while the NH Judicial Branch continues to just only keep on keeping it simple stupid. While only continuing to take the lives of others throughout the entire state

Truly there are better ways than forcing population control by inflicting terrorism throughout one entire state by a single rogue judicial branch of government alone.  Who ultimately is the No.1 cause for damaging permanent health issues, attempted murders, and/or homicides, binge drinking and/or drug abusive children along with multiple murders and suicides throughout the entire state

It is just plain illegal reckless deadly stupidity being inflicted, and purposely court ordered onto others by NH judicial judges, that's costing NH lives and nothing more.  This is the kind of proud integrity NH has just sat back and stood so proudly of for 100 years.  Shame on all of you