REMEMBER YOUR NOT ALONE. Please contact THE CENTER FOR REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES at http://centerforredress.com/. You can also contact SPEAK UP NH who shows one NH Family Court case after another like Jamie Doherty's http://youtu.be/CIOXB21sBMY. You too can tell the public your experience with NH's Judicial Branch. NH's very own Family Court Records are proving that NH's Judicial Branch fully participates and supports Kidnapping and Domestic Violence; Real Estate Fraud, Mortgage Fraud, and Property Deed Fraud; Perjury, Falsifying Documents and Non Existing Issues, and above all, Obstruction of all Justice. Case file after case file showing all the evidence in multiple Family Court Records, that are filling the NH County Court Clerk Records Offices daily throughout the whole state! People who have even been visited by the FBI and ARE THREATENED simply over a NH divorce case. You truly know the truth struck a nerve then. Contact the CENTER FOR REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES. Be a part of the solution and bring them your court case file with evidence. Fear and Silence only continues to fuel what is already a corrupted government branch harming all those who pay their salaries. You are not alone. Numbers can truly speak louder than words!

Oct 22, 2014


Adultery in New England

Love free or die

Time to check into the Motel New Hampshire

Cartoon showing a couple running

"AFTER 223 years New Hampshire is about to make adultery legal. A law in 1791 called for convicted adulterers to be paraded on the gallows for an hour and then “publicly whipped not exceeding 39 stripes” before being sent to prison and fined £100 (probably more than a year’s wages in those days).

The penalty has grown milder since then. Adulterers now face a $1,200 fine, which is not enforced. New Hampshire’s state House of Representatives voted to repeal the law in February; the state Senate is expected to follow soon. Not everyone is happy. A letter to the Concord Monitor huffed that adultery was “repugnant” and should remain a crime."

NH is still supporting their story that Alanon's 12 step programs are used for adulterers in a marriage, and is now a treatment for sex addiction in NH.  Who knew that Marital Master Alice Love, Superior Criminal Court Judge William J. Groff and Criminal Court Attorney Richard C. Follender could keep this trend going into 2014. 
Well NH truly found a useful purpose for those black robes after all, to be good for something!  However, it wasn't until 2003 that NH's Supreme Court finally had a sex education class on sexual intercourse.  They simply documented dusting off and opening a 1960's Webster Dictionary for the case of Blanchflower v Blanchflower.  

As to where babies really do come from?  Unfortunately, they missed that chapter and are sticking to their beliefs, in the stork with the jar of classic pickles.  NH, the only Stepford Wives Fictional State in the entire country. Only one case of adultery in over half a century and even that case was overturned by the NH Supreme Court.  NH 's Judicial Branch always did best what they have done the most, which is falsifying their personal opinion/perception of NH state Laws.

Forget legal partnerships in New Hampshire.  State House Rep. Horrigan's repugnant attitude is telling NH, what two consenting adults do while legally contracted to others is their business and has nothing to do with the courts.  Apparently NH's Judicial Branch isn't the only forum where NH laws are broken.  He forwardly admits to screw the law and his own partners if he simply consents to do so.  My deepest sympathy to all of his partners in any form, for his lack of respect for NH law and others. 

 NH still remains the only swinging state on record in America!  No wonder we have one of the largest groups of State House Representatives.  Clearly NH is free to consent to anything these days.  Even more simply put, to ignore and break NH laws. 

Love Free or Die says NH and State House Rep. Horrigan!


(NH - Just 2 adults consenting to do so.)

Judge who had affair with man's ex-wife while overseeing his child support case cannot be sued, rules court

  • Judge Wade McCree cannot be sued by the defendant of a child support case he presided over
  • McCree had an affair with the ex-wife of the defendant while the case was before his court
  • He sexted Geniene La'Shay Mott from the bench, had trysts with her in his chambers and gave her thousands of dollars
  • He ordered Robert King be tethered and forced to pay child support
  • There is a longstanding doctrine that judges cannot be sued for their decisions in court
  • A judge upheld a lower court's ruling to this effect, but also said McCree's actions were 'often reprehensible'

A federal appeals court has upheld a lower court’s ruling that a disgraced Detroit judge cannot be sued by a defendant in a child support case he presided over.
The decision dated Monday by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati cites existing U.S. Supreme Court law that Wade McCree is immune from lawsuits stemming from judicial actions.
Robert King had claimed that the former Wayne County Circuit Court judge violated his civil rights.
Shielded: A federal appeals court has upheld a lower court's ruling that disgraced judge Wade McCree cannot be sued by a defendant in a child support case he presided over

Illicit affair: Geniene La'Shay Mott had a child-support case pending in McCree's court and disclosed their affair in December 2013
Illicit affair: Geniene La'Shay Mott had a child-support case pending in McCree's court and disclosed their affair in December 2013

The married McCree had a sexual relationship with Geniene La’Shay Mott while presiding over a 2012 child support case between her and King.
Some of the trysts took place in McCree’s chambers.
According to the Detroit Free Press, McCree sexted Mott from the bench and gave her thousands of dollars.
Courts have long prevented judges being sued by litigants for their decisions, but King's attorney Joel Sklar says McCree used his judicial immunity 'as a shield for self interest.''  There should be no immunity for what happened here,' said Sklar.

He is appealing to the U.S. Supreme Court for help in challenging the doctrine that judges can't be sued for their court decisions.
Sexting scandal: McCree allegedly sexted Mott from the bench during the proceedingsSexting scandal: McCree allegedly sexted Mott from the bench during the proceedings
 Brian Einhorn, McCree's attorney, says his client's decision to tether King and order him to pay child support was the appropriate one.

'In our system, people are going to be unhappy when a judge renders a decision. And if a judge can be sued because the decision they made — in someone’s opinion — was right, wrong or unfair, then our system of justice doesn’t work,' Einhorn said, reports the Detroit Free Press.

King says McCree found favorably for his ex-wife because of his 'desires for sexual gratifications.'

THe court, while ruling that McCree cannot be sued by King, called McCree's actions 'often reprehensible.'

Michigan’s Supreme Court in March ordered McCree removed from office and suspended him for six more years if he’s re-elected in November.

The Detroit Free Press reports that McCree's father, Wade Hampton McCree, Jr was the first black person appointed to the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appleals and the second black solicitor general in the U.S.
Read more:

    Two Judges Draw Censures for Courthouse Sexual Affairs

    SACRAMENTO — California's judicial watchdog agency on Tuesday censured two judges for having sex in their chambers, one with his courtroom clerk and the other with two of his former law school students.
    Orange County Superior Court Judge Scott Steiner and Kern County Superior Court Judge Cory Woodward exhibited the "height of irresponsible and improper behavior" with their "intimate relationship[s]," the Commission on Judicial Performance said.

    "It reflects an utter disrespect for the dignity and decorum of the court and is seriously at odds with a judge's duty to avoid conduct that tarnishes the esteem of the judicial office in the public's eye," the order imposing censure on Steiner said.
    But a majority on the commission stopped short of seeking the judges' ouster, noting that both men were contrite and had cooperated with the CJP's investigations.

    "An appreciation for the impropriety of one's actions indicates a capacity to reform," the Steiner order said. "As such, the commission believes this censure adequately protects the public."

    The censures appear to mark new territory for the commission, which has dealt publicly with judges accused of sexual harassment and one who had sex with a criminal defendant but never with jurists having sex in their chambers, said commission director Victoria Henley.

    Costa Mesa attorney Paul Meyer represented both judges. In dual statements he reiterated his clients' apologies.
    Steiner was elected to the bench in June 2010 and took his seat in 2011. Woodward was appointed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2006.

    In a stipulated agreement, Steiner admitted to engaging in courthouse sexual activity, once with a former intern and twice with an attorney who practiced in Orange County Superior Court. Both women were former students in classes Steiner taught at Chapman University School of Law. (Steiner is no longer listed in the school's faculty directory.)

    Steiner wrote a letter of recommendation for the former intern when she applied for a position with the Orange County district attorney's office, where he had worked as a prosecutor before becoming a judge. After she failed to land the job, the judge called two attorneys in the office to ask why his letter hadn't secured her hiring.

    The commission also criticized Steiner for transferring his other lover's cases to specific judges, a task he should have left to the presiding judge. Commissioners concluded, too, that he committed prejudicial misconduct by not disqualifying himself from cases involving a long-standing friend, attorney Steven Baric. But they found insufficient evidence to prove a quid-pro-quo relationship, suggested by some Southern California media, that involved the trade of sex for help finding a job for the former intern. Local authorities and the attorney general's office had reviewed the case but did not press charges.

    Woodward carried on a nearly 11-month affair with his courtroom clerk, having sex with her in chambers and "in public places," exchanging personal emails on the court's computer system and passing sexually charged notes to her, according to his stipulated agreement with the commission.

    Despite complaints from fellow clerks and the clerk's husband about the couple's actions, Woodward repeatedly blocked efforts to have the woman reassigned. It wasn't until May 2013, after expressing "security concerns" about the clerk's husband, that Woodward confessed to his superiors.

    The commission split in deciding the proper punishment for the judges, with the judges on the commission supporting censure. Three nonjudge members—Anthony Capozzi, Maya Dillard Smith and Sandra Talcott—dissented and said they would have pursued the judges' removal from office. Commissioner Mary Lou Aranguren supported the Steiner censure but would have sought tougher sanctions against Woodward.
    Contact the reporter at cmiller@alm.com.


(NH - Just 2 adults consenting to do so.)

Above the Law

  • As we mentioned in Morning Docket, Judge Mark Fuller of the Middle District of Alabama spent a night in jail after he allegedly had a violent altercation with his wife, Kelli Fuller. The Fullers were staying at the Ritz-Carlton in Atlanta, Georgia, when all hell broke loose — as tends to happen when accusations of marital infidelities are mixed with alcohol.
    Judge Fuller was released from jail Monday morning after paying $5,000 bond, but what caused these events to occur, and with whom did his wife accuse him of having an affair?

    According to Decaturish, a locally sourced news site, the incident unfolded after Kelli Fuller accused her husband of marital transgressions. Per the site’s report, Judge Fuller’s “other woman” was allegedly one of his law clerks. Here’s some additional info on what allegedly went down, from the Associated Press:
    Police say the judge was on the bed when they entered the room, which smelled of alcohol. There was broken glass and hair on the floor. Blood was discovered in the bathroom.

    Kelli Fuller told police that her husband became violent after she accused him of having an affair with a law clerk in his Montgomery office. She said he pulled her hair, threw her to the ground and dragged her, kicked her and struck her several times in the face.

    Mark Fuller told police that his wife became violent as she confronted him with allegations of cheating. The judge told police he was watching television when his wife threw a drink glass at him. He told officers that he grabbed her hair and threw her to the ground to defend himself.
    Judge Fuller’s stepson, Hunter Gregg, was also on scene this weekend, and told police that “this was not the first time an incident like this had occurred.” Yikes. This keeps getting worse and worse. We’ve reached out to the Atlanta Police Department to obtain a copy of Judge Fuller’s arrest report. If and when we do hear back from the APD, we will be sure to update this post so you can take a look at it. 
  • Judge Fuller was carted off to jail shortly after the police arrived. He was charged with misdemeanor battery, a charge that typically carries a fine of up to $1,000 and is punishable by up to a year of jail time. Here’s Judge Fuller’s booking report from the Atlanta Police Department:

    The Reporters Committee for the Freedom of the Press claims that this is not the first time Judge Fuller has been accused of domestic violence. When the jurist divorced his first wife, Lisa Boyd Fuller, in 2012, he requested that the court file be sealed for security reasons, as it allegedly contained “accusations of domestic violence, drug abuse and the judge’s alleged affair with his court bailiff.”
Judge Fuller is next due in court on August 22, 2014, for a probable cause hearing, even though his own docket in the Middle District of Alabama is quite full on that day. In the future, we’d suggest that His Honor stick to banging his gavel instead of allegedly banging his law clerks.

On a more serious note, if you’re involved in a verbally or physically abusive relationship, there are friends, family, and colleagues you can call. If you’re a victim of domestic violence, reach out if you need help. If you feel that you are in immediate danger, please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233). Assistance is available in English and Spanish.

Feb 13, 2014


The following is information from an article that people should be well aware of.  In other words, pay attention New Hampshire, because school is now in session!


By David Barrett
Home Affairs Correspondent
September 5, 2013

Judge calls for more transparency
A family judge in England and Wales, Sir James Mumby, has demanded more transparency in the courts.
Sir James said, "There is a pressing need for more transparency, indeed for much more transparency, in the family court.
There are a number of aspects to this.  One is the right of the public to know, the need for the public to be confront with what is being done in its name.
No where is this more necessary than in the relation to care and adoption cases.  Such cases, by definition, involve interference, infusion, by the state, by local authorities and by the court, into family life.
 In this context the arguments in favor of publicity - in favor of openness, public scrutiny and public accountability - are particularly compelling.
Sir James added, "We must have the humility to recognize - and to acknowledge the public debate, and the jealous viligance of an informed media, have an important role to play in exposing past miscarriages of justice."
The remedy, even if it is probably doomed to only partial success, is...more transparency.  Putting it bluntly, letting the glare of publicity into the family courts.
...The judge made an order banning the name of a child, but refused to ban the publication of images.
The judge said, "the way the internet allowed easy access to information that was sometimes sensitive nature in nature, poses "enormous challenges."  The law must develop and adapt, as it always has done down the years in response to other revolutionary technologies." He said.
"We must not simply throw up our hands in despair and moan that the internet is uncontrollable.  Nor can we simply abandon basic legal principles."
"In July, Sir James published guidelines setting out thousands more court judgments in care and adoption cases that should be made public."


Jan 30, 2014


Once, again, another new year of holiday reflections arise.  We know only of holiday cheer that even sadly today, still shows fears with hopes, dreams and prayers, for a better horizon with bigger tomorrow's.  I recently experienced a blood clot in the brain causing a stroke at the age of 50.  I truly have been blessed.  I was admitted 12/3 for symptoms with lack of language abilities and left sided weakness.  I was found to have a right middle cerebral artery stroke secondary to a blood clot in that artery.  I also was found to have bilateral pulmonary emboli.

Quick precise timing during these events cannot stress enough my gracious appreciation and blessed thankfulness to all medics, physicians, nurses, and all other medical staff members involved in saving my life at Southern NH Medical Center, and the helicopter transport to Mass General Hospital in Boston Mass, then to St. Joseph Hospital, and finally Catholic Medical Center.  Because of all of them, I am now fully blessed at home, speaking and walking, and looking forward to a New Year with my loving family and friends.

Sadly in the year 2014, NH's Family Court's clearly choose to continue to kill lives instead of making the ability to save them. The medical profession has clearly proven their capability to save mine, which clearly is more than NH's Family Court could ever be capable of.  I will always thank god that my journey on earth is recognized and far from completion.  No words can thank all my friends and family who love, cherish life, and care.  To all of those who have been fighting years of NH's illegal judicial corruption. I thank you.

 The results of my journey through NH Family Court says it all.  My history explains all of what I have been through, and all I have learned to educate others.  Clearly the simplicity of blatant uneducated stupidity behind NH's gavels, has to definitely come to a stop. NH's  judicial branch is a group of  irresponsible individuals affecting the outcome of peoples lives not to mention the outcome of their futures.  The most sickly and maddening part about NH's Judicial Branch is how perfectly aware their abusive actions are so proudly documented on file throughout the state of NH.  May the good lord have mercy on all your murderous souls.


when all the world is quiet,
 and I lay down to sleep,
 the one last thing on my mind,
 is this secret that I keep.

 I wish that I could tell you,
all these wonderful things,
 and make you see what you are to me, 
my angel without wings.

I kneel down on my knees and pray,
 for a better light tomorrow,
 but Angel it is only you,
 who can take away my sorrow.

I would die from one last moment,
 to show you my true feelings, 
and to look deep into your eyes,
my angel without wings.

 a voice sent to me from heaven
 paint a picture so bright 
off to a better place,
 your soul reaches and take flight,

I know that one day when I'm old,
 and staring at the ceiling,
 I'll go to sleep and once again meet,
 my angel now with wings."

Nov 4, 2013


Miracles do happen from time to time even though it took them long enough.  NH media is slowly beginning to beat to a different drum!   Will they ever report the truthful battle of NH People v NH Family Courts?  Only time will tell. 

READ MORE: click below the following article by The Telegraph November 2, 2013
Why do judges in our family courts ignore the law? ~ , The Telegraph.
Judges have a duty to obey the law of the land, but this is is not always happening in the family courts
"Judges have a duty to obey the law of the land, but this is not always happening in the family courts Photo: ALAMY"
 The photograph's below are of the United States Supreme Court marked off with Crime Scene Tape, 150 foot long X 4 ft. wide, by the people, for the people, of the United State Of America.  They too were victims fighting the corrupted Court System we have in this country today! This should be done to every courthouse in NH!




Congressional Testimony: Glen Gibellina to Bill Windsor of Lawless America  http://youtu.be/2ytNK_jYf3Y Image

Nov 1, 2013

NH Supreme Court Still Screwing With U.S. Codes & The Law

This is just a simple sample, to give you an idea of how NH Supreme Court and it's entire Judicial Branch works.  They very simply make-up their own "rules governing", that "so promulgated shall have the force and affect of law", as stated in Article 73a, which was also written and made up by them.  NH's Judicial Branch supports evidence on how they screw with state and federal laws. You know it's bad when NH taxpayers have a useless attorney general's office who cannot even prosecute the real criminals.  All because the NH Judicial Branch writes the rules on how to commit the crimes.  The following is a statement written in the new mandatory Family Division Self Disclosure rule 1.25a by NH's king court.  You will notice this trend is becoming the new law in NH.   NH gives a whole new meaning to "keep it simple stupid."

"2. The parties may redact (edit) all but the last four digits of any account numbers and social security numbers that appear on any statements or documents."

However, it is (OOPS!) against NH's law Title LXII Criminal Code Chapter 638 Fraud, Section 683:3 Tampering With Public or Private Record, and the United State's Code, 18 U.S.C. § 1505 : US Code - Section 1505: Obstruction of proceedings before departments, agencies, and committees.

New Hampshire Statute

Forgery and Fraudulent Practices Generally
Section 638:3
"638:3 Tampering With Public or Private Records. – A person is guilty of a misdemeanor if, knowing he has no privilege to do so, he falsifies, destroys, removes or conceals any writing or record, public or private, with a purpose to deceive or injure anyone or to conceal any wrongdoing."   - Oh what the hell, screw it.  They did! 

Source. 1971, 518:1, eff. Nov. 1, 1973."

18 U.S.C. § 1505 : US Code - Section 1505: Obstruction of proceedings before departments, agencies, and committees

"Whoever, with intent to avoid, evade, prevent, or obstruct compliance, in whole or in part, with any civil investigative demand duly and properly made under the Antitrust Civil Process Act, willfully withholds, misrepresents, removes from any place, conceals, covers up, destroys, mutilates, alters, or by other means falsifies any documentary material, answers to written interrogatories, or oral testimony, which is the subject of such demand; or attempts to do so or solicits another to do so; or Whoever corruptly, or by threats or force, or by any threatening letter or communication influences, obstructs, or impedes or endeavors to influence, obstruct, or impede the due and proper administration of the law under which any pending proceeding is being had before any department or agency of the United States, or the due and proper exercise of the power of inquiry under which any inquiry or investigation is being had by either House, or any committee of either House or any joint committee of the Congress -Shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 5 years or, if the offense involves international or domestic terrorism (as defined in section 2331), imprisoned not more than 8 years, or both."  - Oh what the hell, screw it. They did!


I was able to find evidence proving my ex withheld bank accounts by first receiving photo copies of his credit card history along with (OOPS!) photo copies of his checks/payments that showed a checking account number he did not (OOPS!) list or submit on his interrogatories when requested.  Secondly, the purchase of one $2,500 engagement ring that he confessed to purchasing could not be (OOPS!) found on any bank or credit card statement he submitted.  Nor were there (OOPS!) any cash withdrawals in that amount made during the month of December, for which he claims to have made the purchase.  And thirdly, several people saw his mistress (OOPS!) wearing and proudly showing off an engagement ring from your future ex husband at the November Relief Hearing.  A month before he (OOPS!) claimed the ring was purchased.  And last but never was the least, when asked for the receipt of purchase, he claimed to (OOPS!) have lost it! 


NH's Superior Criminal Court Judge, William J. Groff, is the classic example to prove how both Grand Theft and Fraud is illegal only by law, but acceptable by NH's Family and Criminal Court standards.  When entering a NH courtroom, all reality stops and the twilight zone begins.  Judge William J. Groff ruled for 18 years only by accepting evidence that he can only sample by taste, smoke, feel, sniff or injection, that did not require the use of a calculator or have to even be read.  All because when your lawyer flat out tells him, "their lying", he then asks your lawyer, "Do you have proof?"  Your lawyer then takes him off guard and say yes, a private investigator's report.  He then suddenly has to think for a moment then quickly moves on suddenly stating, "Well, neither one of them can afford the house!", now ignoring your lawyer's response, that willingly supports the very evidence that Judge Groff has just demanded from you.  Evidence which is a documented investigation on record by a NH Licensed Board Approved Certified Private Investigator.  Evidence that supported your lawyer's only 7 1/2 minute testimony permitted on your behalf.  All because Judge Groff also decided to cut the original court ordered time scheduled for your Relief Hearing from 30 minutes to 15 to begin with.   


He gathers from absolutely no evidence, a sudden empty light bulb moment, and comes to the only empty conclusion he can, when he suddenly tells you in court, through his empty crystal ball, that "neither one of you can afford the house."  This is without so much  as even looking at a single bank statement or payroll stub.  I guess his crystal ball just couldn't pick up any internet or Wi-Fi that day.  He then turns to his landline, his mirror mirror on the wall, who tells him he was the fairest one of all!  To conclude a final court order for NO temporary alimony, and now also the sale of your inheritance, that your future ex spouse is now court ordered off of, unless he receives your permission first, which was your mortgage free inheritance, family owned home of 41 years.  That is until your spouse purchased the other 50% from your sibling, and was current to date with his mortgage payments.  Furthermore, Judge Groff then places into a trust account, after paying off the mortgage and equity loan, the now little remaining house proceeds, until the divorce goes to trial, which wasn't until a year later.  You are now penniless and homeless and living out of your car until your family rescues you.  Hopefully your light bulb is at least flickering right now.


Your then future ex spouse hires the infamous realtor, Rudy Mayer, who then tells you that you should be "mature adults" divorcing now during the illegal court ordered sale of your home.  Rudy Mayer furthermore then supports how one should practice what they preach.  And yes, this responsible mature law abiding realtor was clearly informed of the court ordered stipulation, forbidding his client, your future ex spouse, on the property, by a NH Superior Criminal Court Judge, unless he knew his client clearly received your permission first.  He then shows how a real responsible law abiding "mature adult" follows his own unsolicited advice.  He simply ignores the NH court order in place by a NH Superior Criminal Court Judge, for your own safety, and actually not only unlocks the property, but allows your future ex spouse to enter it, along with his welfare fraud committing prostitute/sugar baby/mistress and her sister, all without your knowledge or permission.  Anything to make a buck!  


Beware of Rudy Mayer's illegal business ethics and practices.  It is clearly evident that Rudy Mayer will ignore any NH court orders put in place for your own safety by a NH judge during a divorce.  Rudy Mayer then with the house keys in hand, doesn't say one word, or even would look at you when you unexpectedly arrive and catch all of them breaking the law and trespassing on the property without your permission.  He then quickly but silently walks shamefully right by you, making a quick get-away to his car.  Now leaving you alone with the welfare fraud committing/prostitute/sugar baby/ mistress, her sister, and his client, your future ex spouse, who was, court ordered off the property in the first place, unless he had your permission first.  And all before the police can even arrive to question him.  Rudy Mayer and the company he works for, have clearly established and now proven without a doubt, their irresponsible "mature adult", illegal, unethical, and untrustworthy business practices, all in a single day.  Beware of the real estate practices of Rudy Mayer.  Your own safety and life will depend on it.


This now all occurs because your future ex spouse was (OOPS!) permitted to commit grand theft by (OOPS!) obstructing justice, simply by (OOPS!)  committing perjury, fraud, and hearsay with (OOPS!) no evidence, all through (OOPS!) his infamous Criminal Defense Attorney, Richard C. Follender, who (OOPS!) perjuriously told the court, the homestead had to be sold, because his client couldn't afford the homestead along with his own place, let alone pay temporary alimony, all because he was already homeless and moving between family and friends. 


In fact, after all was said and done, attorney Follender then miraculously submits (OOPS!) 3 month's late (your spouse's) his client's interrogatories, listing there was actually (OOPS!) $45,000 in his client's bank accounts during the Relief Hearing.  His Bank statements also show him (OOPS!) closing joint accounts and opening new ones only in his name.  His client's checking account also had a cash flow for a 9 month period alone that totaled (OOPS!) $7,000 over his entire yearly gross salary that he (OOPS!) submitted on his financial affidavit to the courts. This same 9 month period checking account also shows a total of (OOPS!) $23,000 of descriptions/pay to and withdrawal information all (OOPS) whitened out and erased.  His Financial Affidavit to the court even listed (OOPS!) a $260 monthly donation to his mistress's church.  His 401K history showed he was (OOPS!) already draining and withdrawing it for years, and was (OOPS!) living off it now during the divorce, while also simultaneously financially (OOPS!)supporting now his co-worker's and his shared welfare fraud committing/prostitute/sugar baby/mistress. 


This was all 50/50 marital funds pursuant to NH law, acquired only during a 21 year marriage.  So now there was (OOPS!) little remaining to (OOPS!) divide 50/50 pursuant to NH State law at the time of the divorce!  This is how and what NH judges conclude as a (OOPS!) 50/50 Equitable State Division pursuant to NH state law.  And the answer to what many of you have been asking me is yes, he really did sign a marriage license and actually did (OOPS!) marry his co-worker's shared welfare fraud committing/prostitute/sugar baby/mistress right after signing the divorce decree. This is where NH's Judicial (OOPS!) Branch now has a good laugh and says, (OOPS!) Ha-Ha-Ha!  The jokes on you!  NH is the illegal screw you state all not pursuant to NH state laws!   Hopefully your light bulb is beginning to steadily glow right about now.

New Hampshire Statutes



Section 641:1
"641:1 Perjury. –
I. A person is guilty of a class B felony if in any official proceeding:
(a) He makes a false material statement under oath or affirmation, or swears or affirms the truth of a material statement previously made, and he does not believe the statement to be true; or
(b) He makes inconsistent material statements under oath or affirmation, both within the period of limitations, one of which is false and not believed by him to be true. In a prosecution under this section, it need not be alleged or proved which of the statements is false but only that one or the other was false and not believed by the defendant to be true.

 (Oh what the hell, screw it!  NH's Bar Association approves of their infamous Criminal Defense Attorney, Richard C. Follender, who screws it, along with his famous co-hort in crime, the infamous Superior Criminal Court Judge William J. Groff!)

II. "Official proceeding'' means any proceeding before a legislative, judicial, administrative or other governmental body or official authorized by law to take evidence under oath or affirmation including a notary or other person taking evidence in connection with any such proceeding. "Material'' means capable of affecting the course or outcome of the proceeding. A statement is not material if it is retracted in the course of the official proceeding in which it was made before it became manifest that the falsification was or would be exposed and before it substantially affected the proceeding. Whether a statement is material is a question of law to be determined by the court."  - Oh what the hell, screw it.  They did!

Criminal Defense Attorney Follender's client then also testifies a year later at trial, (OOPS!) after reading the private investigator's report, that (OOPS!) his client really wasn't even moving between family and friends after all. Because (OOPS!) he was already moved in and living for 3 months with his co-worker's shared mistress at the time of the Relief Hearing, that he was (OOPS!) also financially supporting with (OOPS!) your already acquired 50/50 equitable marital funds pursuant to NH state laws, from a 21 year marriage, because (OOPS!) his  shared mistress was caught committing Welfare Fraud by being a shared prostitute/sugar baby/mistress, who's now your future ex spouse's fiancĂ©, divorced now twice, mother of 4, by three separate fathers, whom he met through his co-worker, who at the time filed for divorce first, because he too planned to marry her, all while she was still in the process of divorcing husband number 2.  That was until she dumped the co-worker, so she can now become engaged to your now future ex cheating spouse, who wasn't even willing to (OOPS!) file for divorce until he found out he was (OOPS!) caught cheating with his (OOPS!) co-workers welfare fraud committing/prostitute/sugar baby/mistress, by your private investigator, and now can't even (OOPS!) marry her, until his (OOPS!) divorce from your now 21 year marriage, is finalized!  But then again, you are living in a state who's own supreme court had to (OOPS!) pull out and dust off a 1960's Webster Dictionary in 2003 to (OOPS!) educate themselves on what the definition of Sexual Intercourse even was in the first place.  By this point your light bulb is literally blinding you at a full 100 watt capacity, and it didn't even have to be a 3 way bulb at that.

Only in NH folks, only in the state of NH!

This is how NH judges conclude an equitable 50/50 division, pursuant to NH state laws, in a (OOPS!) fault divorce, in an Equitable State of equality.  Isn't it amazing how NH (OOPS!)  justice is served?  Stupid truly only is as (OOPS!) stupidity does and gets, ruled by NH's one and only Judicial (OOPS) Branch!  Swinging while married is clearly the new law by all NH Court standards!  There is now over (OOPS!) 50 years of (OOPS!) court files that establishes these statistics, that proves this throughout the (OOPS!) entire state!  

NH judges will ignore and screw with more than one law in a single case.  Your evidence?  NH's SUPERIOR (OOPS!) Criminal Court Judge ,William J. Groff, along with his (OOPS!) co-hort in crime, Criminal Defense Attorney, Richard C. Follender, who proudly shows NH how (OOPS!) crime is really committed, and right in (OOPS!) NH's very own courtrooms no less.  Then above all of this evidence, we also have the NH Supreme (OOPS!) Court documenting the need for a sex education class on what Sexual Intercourse actually really is!

NH justice just doesn't get any better than this.  And to think NH's (OOPS!) Bar Association along with NH's Judicial (OOPS!) Branch, all proudly partied and celebrated NH's SUPERIOR (OOPS!) Criminal Court Judge Groff's 18 years of (OOPS!) real estate fraud and grand theft behind the bench, along with others just like him.  Yes people, sad but true, NH's SUPERIOR (OOPS!) Criminal Court Judge, William J. Groff, is and never was, a one of a kind (OOPS!) judge in NH! 

If NH's doctors and hospitals ever begin to (OOPS!) practice their field in medicine, the same as NH (OOPS!) Judges and the majority of NH (OOPS!) Lawyers have (OOPS!) practiced their field in law for the past 50 years, the malpractice suits alone would permanently be shutting doors to any medical studies, treatment, or any medical needs, throughout the entire state of NH.   Let's face it, many of NH court cases clearly record (OOPS!) statistics such as mine.  Have any of them actually opened and referred to a law encyclopedia or dictionary lately?  Oh "I don't know", maybe even finally found that silly little (ON) switch to a calculator?  But even then, they would now have to be (OOPS!) educated on how to use one, now wouldn't they!  And that also means they would have to be (OOPS!) capable of actually reading to do so.  Oh what an evil (OOPS!) web they weave!

Oh What The Hell, Screw It, NH's Judicial (OOPS!) Branch Always Does!