REMEMBER YOUR NOT ALONE. Please contact THE CENTER FOR REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES at http://centerforredress.com/. You can also contact SPEAK UP NH who shows one NH Family Court case after another like Jamie Doherty's http://youtu.be/CIOXB21sBMY. You too can tell the public your experience with NH's Judicial Branch. NH's very own Family Court Records are proving that NH's Judicial Branch fully participates and supports Kidnapping and Domestic Violence; Real Estate Fraud, Mortgage Fraud, and Property Deed Fraud; Perjury, Falsifying Documents and Non Existing Issues, and above all, Obstruction of all Justice. Case file after case file showing all the evidence in multiple Family Court Records, that are filling the NH County Court Clerk Records Offices daily throughout the whole state! People who have even been visited by the FBI and ARE THREATENED simply over a NH divorce case. You truly know the truth struck a nerve then. Contact the CENTER FOR REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES. Be a part of the solution and bring them your court case file with evidence. Fear and Silence only continues to fuel what is already a corrupted government branch harming all those who pay their salaries. You are not alone. Numbers can truly speak louder than words!

Feb 13, 2014


The following is information from an article that people should be well aware of.  In other words, pay attention New Hampshire, because school is now in session!


By David Barrett
Home Affairs Correspondent
September 5, 2013

Judge calls for more transparency
A family judge in England and Wales, Sir James Mumby, has demanded more transparency in the courts.
Sir James said, "There is a pressing need for more transparency, indeed for much more transparency, in the family court."
"There are a number of aspects to this.  One is the right of the public to know, the need for the public to be confront with what is being done in its name."
"No where is this more necessary than in the relation to care and adoption cases.  Such cases, by definition, involve interference, infusion, by the state, by local authorities and by the court, into family life."
" In this context the arguments in favor of publicity - in favor of openness, public scrutiny and public accountability - are particularly compelling."
Sir James added, "We must have the humility to recognize - and to acknowledge the public debate, and the jealous viligance of an informed media, have an important role to play in exposing past miscarriages of justice."
"The remedy, even if it is probably doomed to only partial success, is...more transparency.  Putting it bluntly, letting the glare of publicity into the family courts."
"...The judge made an order banning the name of a child, but refused to ban the publication of images."
"The judge said the way the internet allowed easy access to information that was sometimes sensitive nature in nature, poses "enormous challenges".  The law must develop and adapt, as it always has done down the years in response to other revolutionary technologies." He said.
"We must not simply throw up our hands in despair and moan that the internet is uncontrollable.  Nor can we simply abandon basic legal principles."
"In July, Sir James published guidelines setting out thousands more court judgments in care and adoption cases that should be made public."


Jan 30, 2014


Once, again, another new year of holiday reflections arise.  We know only of holiday cheer that even sadly today, still shows fears with hopes, dreams and prayers, for a better horizon with bigger tomorrow's.  I recently experienced a blood clot in the brain causing a stroke at the age of 50.  I truly have been blessed.  I was admitted 12/3 for symptoms with lack of language abilities and left sided weakness.  I was found to have a right middle cerebral artery stroke secondary to a blood clot in that artery.  I also was found to have bilateral pulmonary emboli.

Quick precise timing during these events cannot stress enough my gracious appreciation and blessed thankfulness to all medics, physicians, nurses, and all other medical staff members involved in saving my life at Southern NH Medical Center, and the helicopter transport to Mass General Hospital in Boston Mass, then to St. Joseph Hospital, and finally Catholic Medical Center.  Because of all of them, I am now fully blessed at home, speaking and walking, and looking forward to a New Year with my loving family and friends.

Sadly in the year 2014, NH's Family Court's clearly choose to continue to kill lives instead of making the ability to save them. The medical profession has clearly proven their capability to save mine, which clearly is more than NH's Family Court could ever be capable of.  I will always thank god that my journey on earth is recognized and far from completion.  No words can thank all my friends and family who love, cherish life, and care.  To all of those who have been fighting years of NH's illegal judicial corruption. I thank you.

 The results of my journey through NH Family Court says it all.  My history explains all of what I have been through, and all I have learned to educate others.  Clearly the simplicity of blatant uneducated stupidity behind NH's gavels, has to definitely come to a stop. NH's  judicial branch is a group of  irresponsible individuals affecting the outcome of peoples lives not to mention the outcome of their futures.  The most sickly and maddening part about NH's Judicial Branch is how perfectly aware their abusive actions are so proudly documented on file throughout the state of NH.  May the good lord have mercy on all your murderous souls.


when all the world is quiet,
 and I lay down to sleep,
 the one last thing on my mind,
 is this secret that I keep.

 I wish that I could tell you,
all these wonderful things,
 and make you see what you are to me, 
my angel without wings.

I kneel down on my knees and pray,
 for a better light tomorrow,
 but Angel it is only you,
 who can take away my sorrow.

I would die from one last moment,
 to show you my true feelings, 
and to look deep into your eyes,
my angel without wings.

 a voice sent to me from heaven
 paint a picture so bright 
off to a better place,
 your soul reaches and take flight,

I know that one day when I'm old,
 and staring at the ceiling,
 I'll go to sleep and once again meet,
 my angel now with wings."

Nov 4, 2013


Miracles do happen from time to time even though it took them long enough.  NH media is slowly beginning to beat to a different drum!   Will they ever report the truthful battle of NH People v NH Family Courts?  Only time will tell. 

READ MORE: click below the following article by The Telegraph November 2, 2013
Why do judges in our family courts ignore the law? ~ , The Telegraph.
Judges have a duty to obey the law of the land, but this is is not always happening in the family courts
"Judges have a duty to obey the law of the land, but this is not always happening in the family courts Photo: ALAMY"
 The photograph's below are of the United States Supreme Court marked off with Crime Scene Tape, 150 foot long X 4 ft. wide, by the people, for the people, of the United State Of America.  They too were victims fighting the corrupted Court System we have in this country today! This should be done to every courthouse in NH!




Congressional Testimony: Glen Gibellina to Bill Windsor of Lawless America  http://youtu.be/2ytNK_jYf3Y Image

Nov 1, 2013

NH Supreme Court Still Screwing With U.S. Codes & The Law

This is just a simple sample, to give you an idea of how NH Supreme Court and it's entire Judicial Branch works.  They very simply make-up their own "rules governing", that "so promulgated shall have the force and affect of law", as stated in Article 73a, which was also written and made up by them.  NH's Judicial Branch supports evidence on how they screw with state and federal laws. You know it's bad when NH taxpayers have a useless attorney general's office who cannot even prosecute the real criminals.  All because the NH Judicial Branch writes the rules on how to commit the crimes.  The following is a statement written in the new mandatory Family Division Self Disclosure rule 1.25a by NH's king court.  You will notice this trend is becoming the new law in NH.   NH gives a whole new meaning to "keep it simple stupid."

"2. The parties may redact (edit) all but the last four digits of any account numbers and social security numbers that appear on any statements or documents."

However, it is (OOPS!) against NH's law Title LXII Criminal Code Chapter 638 Fraud, Section 683:3 Tampering With Public or Private Record, and the United State's Code, 18 U.S.C. § 1505 : US Code - Section 1505: Obstruction of proceedings before departments, agencies, and committees.

New Hampshire Statute

Forgery and Fraudulent Practices Generally
Section 638:3
"638:3 Tampering With Public or Private Records. – A person is guilty of a misdemeanor if, knowing he has no privilege to do so, he falsifies, destroys, removes or conceals any writing or record, public or private, with a purpose to deceive or injure anyone or to conceal any wrongdoing."   - Oh what the hell, screw it.  They did! 

Source. 1971, 518:1, eff. Nov. 1, 1973."

18 U.S.C. § 1505 : US Code - Section 1505: Obstruction of proceedings before departments, agencies, and committees

"Whoever, with intent to avoid, evade, prevent, or obstruct compliance, in whole or in part, with any civil investigative demand duly and properly made under the Antitrust Civil Process Act, willfully withholds, misrepresents, removes from any place, conceals, covers up, destroys, mutilates, alters, or by other means falsifies any documentary material, answers to written interrogatories, or oral testimony, which is the subject of such demand; or attempts to do so or solicits another to do so; or Whoever corruptly, or by threats or force, or by any threatening letter or communication influences, obstructs, or impedes or endeavors to influence, obstruct, or impede the due and proper administration of the law under which any pending proceeding is being had before any department or agency of the United States, or the due and proper exercise of the power of inquiry under which any inquiry or investigation is being had by either House, or any committee of either House or any joint committee of the Congress -Shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 5 years or, if the offense involves international or domestic terrorism (as defined in section 2331), imprisoned not more than 8 years, or both."  - Oh what the hell, screw it. They did!


I was able to find evidence proving my ex withheld bank accounts by first receiving photo copies of his credit card history along with (OOPS!) photo copies of his checks/payments that showed a checking account number he did not (OOPS!) list or submit on his interrogatories when requested.  Secondly, the purchase of one $2,500 engagement ring that he confessed to purchasing could not be (OOPS!) found on any bank or credit card statement he submitted.  Nor were there (OOPS!) any cash withdrawals in that amount made during the month of December, for which he claims to have made the purchase.  And thirdly, several people saw his mistress (OOPS!) wearing and proudly showing off an engagement ring from your future ex husband at the November Relief Hearing.  A month before he (OOPS!) claimed the ring was purchased.  And last but never was the least, when asked for the receipt of purchase, he claimed to (OOPS!) have lost it! 


NH's Superior Criminal Court Judge, William J. Groff, is the classic example to prove how both Grand Theft and Fraud is illegal only by law, but acceptable by NH's Family and Criminal Court standards.  When entering a NH courtroom, all reality stops and the twilight zone begins.  Judge William J. Groff ruled for 18 years only by accepting evidence that he can only sample by taste, smoke, feel, sniff or injection, that did not require the use of a calculator or have to even be read.  All because when your lawyer flat out tells him, "their lying", he then asks your lawyer, "Do you have proof?"  Your lawyer then takes him off guard and say yes, a private investigator's report.  He then suddenly has to think for a moment then quickly moves on suddenly stating, "Well, neither one of them can afford the house!", now ignoring your lawyer's response, that willingly supports the very evidence that Judge Groff has just demanded from you.  Evidence which is a documented investigation on record by a NH Licensed Board Approved Certified Private Investigator.  Evidence that supported your lawyer's only 7 1/2 minute testimony permitted on your behalf.  All because Judge Groff also decided to cut the original court ordered time scheduled for your Relief Hearing from 30 minutes to 15 to begin with.   


He gathers from absolutely no evidence, a sudden empty light bulb moment, and comes to the only empty conclusion he can, when he suddenly tells you in court, through his empty crystal ball, that "neither one of you can afford the house."  This is without so much  as even looking at a single bank statement or payroll stub.  I guess his crystal ball just couldn't pick up any internet or Wi-Fi that day.  He then turns to his landline, his mirror mirror on the wall, who tells him he was the fairest one of all!  To conclude a final court order for NO temporary alimony, and now also the sale of your inheritance, that your future ex spouse is now court ordered off of, unless he receives your permission first, which was your mortgage free inheritance, family owned home of 41 years.  That is until your spouse purchased the other 50% from your sibling, and was current to date with his mortgage payments.  Furthermore, Judge Groff then places into a trust account, after paying off the mortgage and equity loan, the now little remaining house proceeds, until the divorce goes to trial, which wasn't until a year later.  You are now penniless and homeless and living out of your car until your family rescues you.  Hopefully your light bulb is at least flickering right now.


Your then future ex spouse hires the infamous realtor, Rudy Mayer, who then tells you that you should be "mature adults" divorcing now during the illegal court ordered sale of your home.  Rudy Mayer furthermore then supports how one should practice what they preach.  And yes, this responsible mature law abiding realtor was clearly informed of the court ordered stipulation, forbidding his client, your future ex spouse, on the property, by a NH Superior Criminal Court Judge, unless he knew his client clearly received your permission first.  He then shows how a real responsible law abiding "mature adult" follows his own unsolicited advice.  He simply ignores the NH court order in place by a NH Superior Criminal Court Judge, for your own safety, and actually not only unlocks the property, but allows your future ex spouse to enter it, along with his welfare fraud committing prostitute/sugar baby/mistress and her sister, all without your knowledge or permission.  Anything to make a buck!  


Beware of Rudy Mayer's illegal business ethics and practices.  It is clearly evident that Rudy Mayer will ignore any NH court orders put in place for your own safety by a NH judge during a divorce.  Rudy Mayer then with the house keys in hand, doesn't say one word, or even would look at you when you unexpectedly arrive and catch all of them breaking the law and trespassing on the property without your permission.  He then quickly but silently walks shamefully right by you, making a quick get-away to his car.  Now leaving you alone with the welfare fraud committing/prostitute/sugar baby/ mistress, her sister, and his client, your future ex spouse, who was, court ordered off the property in the first place, unless he had your permission first.  And all before the police can even arrive to question him.  Rudy Mayer and the company he works for, have clearly established and now proven without a doubt, their irresponsible "mature adult", illegal, unethical, and untrustworthy business practices, all in a single day.  Beware of the real estate practices of Rudy Mayer.  Your own safety and life will depend on it.


This now all occurs because your future ex spouse was (OOPS!) permitted to commit grand theft by (OOPS!) obstructing justice, simply by (OOPS!)  committing perjury, fraud, and hearsay with (OOPS!) no evidence, all through (OOPS!) his infamous Criminal Defense Attorney, Richard C. Follender, who (OOPS!) perjuriously told the court, the homestead had to be sold, because his client couldn't afford the homestead along with his own place, let alone pay temporary alimony, all because he was already homeless and moving between family and friends. 


In fact, after all was said and done, attorney Follender then miraculously submits (OOPS!) 3 month's late (your spouse's) his client's interrogatories, listing there was actually (OOPS!) $45,000 in his client's bank accounts during the Relief Hearing.  His Bank statements also show him (OOPS!) closing joint accounts and opening new ones only in his name.  His client's checking account also had a cash flow for a 9 month period alone that totaled (OOPS!) $7,000 over his entire yearly gross salary that he (OOPS!) submitted on his financial affidavit to the courts. This same 9 month period checking account also shows a total of (OOPS!) $23,000 of descriptions/pay to and withdrawal information all (OOPS) whitened out and erased.  His Financial Affidavit to the court even listed (OOPS!) a $260 monthly donation to his mistress's church.  His 401K history showed he was (OOPS!) already draining and withdrawing it for years, and was (OOPS!) living off it now during the divorce, while also simultaneously financially (OOPS!)supporting now his co-worker's and his shared welfare fraud committing/prostitute/sugar baby/mistress. 


This was all 50/50 marital funds pursuant to NH law, acquired only during a 21 year marriage.  So now there was (OOPS!) little remaining to (OOPS!) divide 50/50 pursuant to NH State law at the time of the divorce!  This is how and what NH judges conclude as a (OOPS!) 50/50 Equitable State Division pursuant to NH state law.  And the answer to what many of you have been asking me is yes, he really did sign a marriage license and actually did (OOPS!) marry his co-worker's shared welfare fraud committing/prostitute/sugar baby/mistress right after signing the divorce decree. This is where NH's Judicial (OOPS!) Branch now has a good laugh and says, (OOPS!) Ha-Ha-Ha!  The jokes on you!  NH is the illegal screw you state all not pursuant to NH state laws!   Hopefully your light bulb is beginning to steadily glow right about now.

New Hampshire Statutes



Section 641:1
"641:1 Perjury. –
I. A person is guilty of a class B felony if in any official proceeding:
(a) He makes a false material statement under oath or affirmation, or swears or affirms the truth of a material statement previously made, and he does not believe the statement to be true; or
(b) He makes inconsistent material statements under oath or affirmation, both within the period of limitations, one of which is false and not believed by him to be true. In a prosecution under this section, it need not be alleged or proved which of the statements is false but only that one or the other was false and not believed by the defendant to be true.

 (Oh what the hell, screw it!  NH's Bar Association approves of their infamous Criminal Defense Attorney, Richard C. Follender, who screws it, along with his famous co-hort in crime, the infamous Superior Criminal Court Judge William J. Groff!)

II. "Official proceeding'' means any proceeding before a legislative, judicial, administrative or other governmental body or official authorized by law to take evidence under oath or affirmation including a notary or other person taking evidence in connection with any such proceeding. "Material'' means capable of affecting the course or outcome of the proceeding. A statement is not material if it is retracted in the course of the official proceeding in which it was made before it became manifest that the falsification was or would be exposed and before it substantially affected the proceeding. Whether a statement is material is a question of law to be determined by the court."  - Oh what the hell, screw it.  They did!

Criminal Defense Attorney Follender's client then also testifies a year later at trial, (OOPS!) after reading the private investigator's report, that (OOPS!) his client really wasn't even moving between family and friends after all. Because (OOPS!) he was already moved in and living for 3 months with his co-worker's shared mistress at the time of the Relief Hearing, that he was (OOPS!) also financially supporting with (OOPS!) your already acquired 50/50 equitable marital funds pursuant to NH state laws, from a 21 year marriage, because (OOPS!) his  shared mistress was caught committing Welfare Fraud by being a shared prostitute/sugar baby/mistress, who's now your future ex spouse's fiancé, divorced now twice, mother of 4, by three separate fathers, whom he met through his co-worker, who at the time filed for divorce first, because he too planned to marry her, all while she was still in the process of divorcing husband number 2.  That was until she dumped the co-worker, so she can now become engaged to your now future ex cheating spouse, who wasn't even willing to (OOPS!) file for divorce until he found out he was (OOPS!) caught cheating with his (OOPS!) co-workers welfare fraud committing/prostitute/sugar baby/mistress, by your private investigator, and now can't even (OOPS!) marry her, until his (OOPS!) divorce from your now 21 year marriage, is finalized!  But then again, you are living in a state who's own supreme court had to (OOPS!) pull out and dust off a 1960's Webster Dictionary in 2003 to (OOPS!) educate themselves on what the definition of Sexual Intercourse even was in the first place.  By this point your light bulb is literally blinding you at a full 100 watt capacity, and it didn't even have to be a 3 way bulb at that.

Only in NH folks, only in the state of NH!

This is how NH judges conclude an equitable 50/50 division, pursuant to NH state laws, in a (OOPS!) fault divorce, in an Equitable State of equality.  Isn't it amazing how NH (OOPS!)  justice is served?  Stupid truly only is as (OOPS!) stupidity does and gets, ruled by NH's one and only Judicial (OOPS) Branch!  Swinging while married is clearly the new law by all NH Court standards!  There is now over (OOPS!) 50 years of (OOPS!) court files that establishes these statistics, that proves this throughout the (OOPS!) entire state!  

NH judges will ignore and screw with more than one law in a single case.  Your evidence?  NH's SUPERIOR (OOPS!) Criminal Court Judge ,William J. Groff, along with his (OOPS!) co-hort in crime, Criminal Defense Attorney, Richard C. Follender, who proudly shows NH how (OOPS!) crime is really committed, and right in (OOPS!) NH's very own courtrooms no less.  Then above all of this evidence, we also have the NH Supreme (OOPS!) Court documenting the need for a sex education class on what Sexual Intercourse actually really is!

NH justice just doesn't get any better than this.  And to think NH's (OOPS!) Bar Association along with NH's Judicial (OOPS!) Branch, all proudly partied and celebrated NH's SUPERIOR (OOPS!) Criminal Court Judge Groff's 18 years of (OOPS!) real estate fraud and grand theft behind the bench, along with others just like him.  Yes people, sad but true, NH's SUPERIOR (OOPS!) Criminal Court Judge, William J. Groff, is and never was, a one of a kind (OOPS!) judge in NH! 

If NH's doctors and hospitals ever begin to (OOPS!) practice their field in medicine, the same as NH (OOPS!) Judges and the majority of NH (OOPS!) Lawyers have (OOPS!) practiced their field in law for the past 50 years, the malpractice suits alone would permanently be shutting doors to any medical studies, treatment, or any medical needs, throughout the entire state of NH.   Let's face it, many of NH court cases clearly record (OOPS!) statistics such as mine.  Have any of them actually opened and referred to a law encyclopedia or dictionary lately?  Oh "I don't know", maybe even finally found that silly little (ON) switch to a calculator?  But even then, they would now have to be (OOPS!) educated on how to use one, now wouldn't they!  And that also means they would have to be (OOPS!) capable of actually reading to do so.  Oh what an evil (OOPS!) web they weave!

Oh What The Hell, Screw It, NH's Judicial (OOPS!) Branch Always Does!  


Oct 17, 2013


The following was a comment made to this blog that should be known to everyone.

Act of Courage said...
(Click below to view photo's of the United States Supreme Court marked off with Crime Scene Tape, 150 foot long X 4 ft. wide, by the people, for the people, of the United State Of America.  They too were victims now fighting the corrupted Court System we have in this country still today! This should be done to every Courthouse in NH!)

THE DISCARDED tells the story of single father filmmaker, activist and co-director Glen Gibellina , who channels his experience of living through Family Court with the lens of a video camera. By using my unique perspective, I aim to pull the curtain back for viewers and expose how the current Family Court crisis is having a devastating effect on those who are victims and children of the Family Courts. A gritty, firsthand look at a reality most would rather turn away from.

THE DISCARDED challenges viewers to bear witness and confront the daily struggles and hopes of those living through Family Courts of a system that has rejected and abused them with no Judicial discretion.

THE DISCARDED is more than just a film, it is an expression of the anger, sadness, joys and hopes of people who have been historically stereotyped, destroyed, silenced and marginalized by Family Courts and ignored by the mainstream media. It is the story of one man’s determination to expose the Family Courts of the 12th Circuit with a camera and begin to show what is really going on in the inner workings of Family Courts in Florida.

THE DISCARDED weaves the stories captured by myself in true street journalist style, with his own personal journey of the Family Courts and to have his chance at redemption when he learns camera and editing skills to produce this Documentary, and I will.

THE DISCARDED places these personal narratives against the backdrop of a grassroots movement that is rising up, using the power of the people to challenge the current family court system. Not a simple illumination of individuals at their weakest.

THE DISCARDED seeks to inspire and empower by telling these collective stories of struggle while showing that hope still does exist.

PROJECT GOAL The goal of THE DISCARDED is to create an awareness of the challenges faced by victims of Family Courts all across America as they continue to cope with devastating effects of the controlled outcome of our Corrupt Family Courts. We are aiming to tell the story of people, including myself, who have taken things into their own hands and are attempting to create new ways to come together and exercise the power of the people for our most valuable asset our children. These are important stories and voices that have been historically underrepresented in the media, ignored by the courts, Judges and others. Your support can make that happen!

PROJECT STATUS We are currently in early production and are fundraising to continue to enable and empower my team to continue to do the film and the stories of the DISCARDED as we also begin filming our stories. Although we are in need of filmmakers that know how to create powerful films with little or no budgets, we also have equipment needs, travel costs, music rights to pay for and many other costs that become a reality when making a feature length documentary film. We will be in production through mid 2013 with a projected release in late 2014

PROJECT DETAILS We have a fiscal sponsor, _(looking for a angel) _which is a registered 501c3 non profit organization or not. We are also in consideration for funding from the highly acclaimed WMNF (we hope) The production of this project is also being supported and assisted by and their incredibly talented production team which includes award winning filmmakers_(still looking)_

Never give up, never retreat and never, never surrender.

Glen Gibellina

Congressional Testimony: Glen Gibellina to Bill Windsor of Lawless America http://youtu.be/2ytNK_jYf3Y  Image    
 Visit us on Facebook @ Actof Courage or Lawless America for the entire video link below We THE PEOPLE are Rocking THE SUPREME COURT Image
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By Act of Courage in Act of Courage, Family Law, Lawless America Florida,

Oct 15, 2013


Results of the count showed 2,576 homeless people in the state, up from last year’s total of 2,438. Of the 2,576 people, 1,243 were sheltered — down 9 percent from 2012 — and 442 were unsheltered, representing a 17 percent increase over 2012.  In Cheshire County, the count revealed 63 sheltered people, down from last year’s total of 72. The number of unsheltered people remained the same at 25.
Donald R. Primrose, co-founder and chairman of the board of directors for the Hundred Nights warming shelter in Keene, said a decline in the total number of sheltered people isn’t due to a decrease in demand.  At Hundred Nights, “after the first month and a half, we’re up a solid 20 percent across the board,” Primrose said.  The shelter is open from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. during the 100 coldest nights of the year, beginning in late December.
In the past, some homeless people have chosen not to stay in a shelter, opting instead to stay in the woods, and this year is no different, Primrose said.  “There are more people in the woods this year than there have been in the past,” he said. “There are people in the woods every night this year, including when it’s below zero, by choice. We talked to them and they want to stay where they are.” 

While the Point In Time count doesn’t provide a demographic breakdown of the homeless population, Primrose said he’s noticed some changes this year.  “The ages have gotten older, and I think it’s getting harder for people to find jobs,” he said. “More people would rather hire a 20-something or 30-something-year-old than a 50-year-old. And there’s been a lot more mothers with younger kids out there this year, too.”

More volunteers are dedicating more hours than they have at any point in Hundred Nights’ four-year history, he said.Southwestern Community Services in Keene operates three homeless shelters in the city, but officials could not be reached for comment on the report.  Of New Hampshire’s 10 counties, Cheshire ranked third behind only Hillsborough (312) and Merrimack (86) in the total number of homeless people.  “It is troubling to see the rise in the number of people who do not have a place to call home,” N.H. Department of Health and Human Services Commissioner Nicholas Toumpas said in a statement.  He stressed that this year’s increase “underscores the need for us to continue to work together to find solutions to end homelessness, especially in a time of limited resources, as there are far too many individuals and families that do not have a permanent place to live.”

The number of NH lives wronged and destroyed by NH's judicial branch is growing statewide.  In 2013, NH statistics is now reporting increasing numbers of  "more homeless mothers with younger kids out there this year" than there has ever been in the past.  These statistics can no longer be ignored along with one of the main causes.  NH's Judicial Branch has unnecessarily continued to leave a very long dusty trail of broken families and individuals out in the cold for years.  All because NH's Judicial Branch  is a government branch that is their own entity who makes up their own "rules governing", and those "rules so promulgated shall have the force and effect of law."  Now freely capable to ignore any and all other federal and state legislative laws on the books to date. 

Many people have never been able to recover from the unnecessary bankruptcy inflicted on their lives for years by NH's Family Courts.  Majority of NH divorce and child custody cases take an average of 2 to several years, along with multiple costs and hearings, all before NH's Family courts will close a case. They have made up delusional false definitions of the laws or issues that don't even exist. This is nothing but inhumane torture towards both children and adults to endure. With numerous laws to follow and direct the courts, this should not occur.  When a murder has occurred, NH Criminal Courts will follow the rules and the laws. The courts will resolve the matter in one trial with a fair Jury.  Maybe NH Family Court needs to go before a Jury of spouses, fathers and mothers, because clear cut evidence, in multiple court cases, are proving NH family court judges are incapable of following the rules or the laws. 

There is also one very important statistic that NH has never given to the public each year.  And that is the actual number of homeless who have died each year in those woods!  All because our government clearly states that once you no longer have a physical address you are no longer actively part of today's society. In other words, you are already dead, and simply written off, unaccounted for, no longer existing on the map.  Therefore help is non negotiable for the walking dead in NH.  A good majority of those people were simply placed in that position, by a NH Family Court ruling, and not by the economy or choice.  This is just a glance of what is to come in 2014.  Not a very promising future for NH now is it? 

Sep 13, 2013



It has been said that, "In New Hampshire, adultery is limited to circumstances where the spouse has sexual intercourse with a person of the opposite gender. The New Hampshire Supreme Court has ruled that sexual intercourse does not include all types of sexual contact.  The Court states that sexual intercourse is limited to sexual acts that could lead to the conception of a baby.  Accordingly, a homosexual affair does not rise to the level of adultery under New Hampshire law.  Equally, an emotional affair does not constitute adultery for purposes of obtaining a divorce.  However, an emotional affair which causes significant emotional distress to the innocent spouse may result in a separate fault ground known as “conduct to injure health and reason."  The real NH adultery law that was written without grand delusions, and passed by NH Legislators is very clear to many people.  In fact, NH Adultery law is the first Adultery law that clearly acknowledges homosexual affairs, that was voted and passed not only once but now twice by NH legislators.

Definition of Adultery:


noun: adultery; plural noun: adulteries
  1. 1.
    voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and a person who is not his or her spouse. Extramarital sex that willfully and maliciously interferes with marriage relations; "adultery is often cited as grounds for divorce."
    "she was committing adultery with a much younger man"
    synonyms:infidelity, unfaithfulness, falseness, disloyalty, cuckoldry, extramarital sex; More
    informalcarrying-on, hanky-panky, two-timing, a bit on the side, fooling around, playing around, dirty weekend
    "his adultery finally caught up with him"
 NH Adultery Law:

TITLE LXII, CRIMINAL CODE, CHAPTER 645, NH RSA 645:3 Adultery - A person is guilty of a class B misdemeanor if, being a married person, engages in sexual intercourse with another not his/her spouse or, being unmarried, engages in sexual intercourse with another known by him/her to be married.  Source. 1971, 518:1, 1971, 269:19, eff. July 1, 1992.  

The important fact to this law is two very important words.  It very clearly defines the act of sexual intercourse as, "with another."  Not with a person of the opposite gender that "could lead to the conception of a baby."  The definition of "another" is, "One that is different and/or in addition to!"  One that is different, clarifies it does not have to be only with one of the opposite gender.  In addition to, clearly clarifies that adultery can be other sexual acts that are above and beyond the penetration to the vagina by a penis alone.  What it clearly does not biasly state here is, engages in "sexual intercourse that is limited to sexual acts that could lead to the conception of a baby".  Nor does it biasly clarify that, "a homosexual affair does not rise to the level of adultery under NH law."  In fact, it very clearly describes the opposite.  Homosexual affairs do rise to the level of adultery under NH law. 
N.H. reacts to Supreme Court gay marriage decision “Today, the Supreme Court has affirmed the founding principle of the United States of America that all are created equal,” Gov. Maggie Hassan said in a statement. “All married couples, no matter their gender, will receive the fair and equal treatment under the law that they so rightly deserve.”  This has yet to come to full fruition in NH and is just simply untrue.  Blanchflower v. Blanchflower is evidence of that.

"CNN - Is Adultery a Crime?  Over the two centuries that the law has been on New Hampshire's books, penalties have ranged from a year in jail or up to 39 lashes. In 1992, the penalty was reduced to a fine of up to $1,200 -- with no jail time........Kevin Smith, executive director of Cornerstone Action, a conservative think tank in New Hampshire, said the state should not take a laissez-faire attitude toward infidelity. After working for years with juvenile justice services, he said that he saw firsthand the effects of adultery on children. "If you think a broken family doesn't cost taxpayers, think again," Smith said. "It is the state's concern if more families dissolve because of the costs."

Some people have hypocritically argued that the state has no business telling two consenting adults what they can or cannot do.  However, the one important fact that is being completely ignored in this statement, is that one of these consenting adults is already legally bound by a binding contract, the same as legalized partnerships are in business.  So in other words, ignore contractual laws just because one of the partners just simply consents to do so and do their business elsewhere?  My deepest sympathy to all the unfortunate partners of those who think this way. This infectious consenting swinging loose attitude is why NH divorce rates are climbing by the minute.

Sadly however, it appears that NH's courts are in full agreement with this theory.  Well, small minds can truly think allot alike, equally the same as great ones do. Research throughout NH court records conducted from one of the assistant county attorneys concluded that, NH courts have never once charged adultery in well over fifty years throughout the entire state.  But then again, NH is the only state in the entire country with a supreme court needing a sex education class in the 21st century to explain what sexual intercourse even is.  They not only documented having to look it up, but based their entire findings of fact and ruling of law on a 1960's Webster Dictionary's definition for the case of Blanchflower v Blanchflower.  NH's Supreme Court did not even know what the activity was called, that they themselves performed in the privacy of their own bedrooms.  Even after being educated by a Webster dictionary, NH justices still refuse to this day to rule on their own perception of adultery.  So this means, for well over half a century to this present day, not one married person in the entire state of NH, has ever had sexual intercourse with anyone other than their spouse, "that can lead to the conception of a baby", in the eyes of the courts.  Amazing!   So sorry to burst their perfect bubble, but no, baby's are not, nor have they ever been, delivered to your front doorstep by the stork, like a jar of classic pickles. 

This truly is historical and one that should go down in history books to say the least.  NH's reality is not the perfect Stepford Wives fictional state that NH's confused but delusional courts insist on portraying it as.  NH Court's are truly it's own entity and a government branch who has simply gone rogue.  They continue to simply make-up through their crystal balls and delusional mirror mirrors on their walls, their own "rules governing" that "so promulgated shall have the force and affect of law", as stated in Article 73a only written by them.  This is nothing more than false perception being clarified now as law, only as NH's Gone Rogue Judicial Branch sees it. The facts still remain, and that is that NH's Gone Rogue Judicial Branch is enforcing anything but legislative law.  Especially when they simply rewrite or just simply write their own false perception and history of the laws.  Only as they will see fit, instead of enforcing the laws legislation has very clearly written and passed.  

"Prostitution and Adultery have been illegal for years in NH. Yet, NH is the only state in the entire nation with 50 years of records, showing a Judicial System Gone Rogue, leaving nothing but an endless debris of ex-spouses in their wake! Well, this clearly explains why and how NH politicians and judges are not outed for any extra marital affairs!"

NH's Gone Rogue Judicial Branch of government continues to brake legislative laws, and history.  Just to be the only legal swinging marriages state of embarrassment to the entire country.  The domino effect however, is actually producing Attorneys such as Richard C Follender to now fall in line, to desperately defend the practice of adultery in NH.  Now by arguing that clients who commit adultery are seeking help from NH's Al-anon programs.  He contest that Al-anon's Twelve Step Programs are now counseling marriage, along with now treating sex addiction for those who are repeat offenders, committing adultery in NH.  In other words, adultery and sex addiction in NH are now considered a form of substance abuse?  So as long as you are seeking treatment with Al-anon for committing adultery, it's all good with NH courts? They truly have taken, keep it simple stupid, to a whole new level.  Sadly but thankfully, only in a NH courtroom can you sell this line of defense and actually find both marital masters and judges who will simply buy it.  Adultery throughout NH is a wildfire disease that's clearly spreading out of control.  It has broken many of NH's families and burned many marriages to the ground, and we don't even have to ask why it's happening.  NH court records prove Adultery will never be charged in NH. According to NH records, swinging while in a NH marriage is just simply a No Fault Divorce that's just a little Irreconcilable Differences.  This is all that it will ever be in the eyes of the courts.

Another reality in NH is that, not one professional in the field of psychology has yet to clarify Al-anon as a true method of treatment for marital relationships or adultery, let alone sex addiction for that matter.  Sadly, all of this only proves one  thing.  Morality for the sanctimony of marriage in NH has literally gone straight to hell in a hand basket. It is truly just a thing of the past. 

Some people are concerned that some NH justices, who while they themselves were suppose to be a fair clear open minded 3rd party, ruling on the demise of your marriage, were also simultaneously in the process of divorcing their own spouses.  Yes it's true.  Some NH Justices, while ruling on divorces, have also personally experienced these proceedings from the other side of the bench simultaneously.   Some even as many as 3 times themselves.  This is why some question if NH judges should be psychologically screened regularly.  If they can't fairly support their own marriages, how do they separate personal experience and opinion from their legal responsibilities, to be capable to conclude what is a fair divorce.  Especially if their making up their own rules as they go along.   So lets just say that their own final divorce decrees would now truly be an interesting read, along with hearing their ex's side of the story.

NH politicians and NH's Gone Rogue Judicial Branch truly have the best of both worlds!  The state's politicians will continue to pass strong laws on behalf of the people, but only on record.  NH's Gone Rogue Judicial Branch will continue to make-up their own delusional rules governing, and continue to enforce only false perception of the laws already written. But in the cases of NH adultery, NH's Gone Rogue Judicial Branch has yet to at least enforce their own false perception of the law even once.  Legal justice in NH is a flip of a coin, and a thing of the past, and nothing to do with the law.  Truly this only makes a lawyers job that much more difficult, but only at the expense, a very costly price, for their clients to ultimately pay for, in their unjustly end of a marriage.  Welcome to NH, but only as NH's Gone Rogue Judicial Branch sees it.  After all, they do have the final say now don't they!

What is Al-Anon and Alateen?

By alanon
The Al-Anon (for adults) and Alateen (for teens) program is a Twelve Step program for the relatives and friends of alcoholics or someone who is or has been a problem drinker. It is not uncommon for potential newcomers to attend Al-Anon because someone they care about is dependent on both alcohol and drugs, or other types of support programs may not be available to them.
However, Al-Anon and Alateen focus on alcoholism and alcohol issues, not other substance abuse problems. Only concerns related to the impact of a relative or friend’s drinking and application of the Al-Anon/Alateen principles are discussed at Al-Anon/Alateen meetings and appear in Al-Anon/Alateen literature.


Aug 12, 2013


This happened Sunday August 11, 2013

Boston Harold reports
Father Shot Son, Self to Spite Ex

"MANCHESTER, N.H. — A 54-year-old father shot his 9-year-old son dead to spite his former girlfriend, then killed himself, all in front of a social worker during a supervised visit at a YWCA yesterday, authorities said. “There’s a lot of sadness and also anger on the part of everyone involved that a father would take his son’s life for no other reason than apparently to spite his mother,” said New Hampshire Assistant Attorney General Jeffery Strelzin.  Muni Sav­yon had made threats about a year ago to harm himself, his ex-girlfriend and their 9-year-old boy, Joshua Savyon, Strelzin said.  The social worker was not harmed during the attack, which was captured on video about 
10 a.m. after the boy’s mother had dropped him off.  Strelzin said the YWCA regularly hosts supervised visits and sometimes uses a metal detector to screen parents, but did not do so yesterday.  He said despite the past threats, no one suspected Savyon was capable of violence.  “From what we know right now, no one saw this coming today,” Strelzin said." 

(Finally, a true confession coming straight from NH's own Attorney General's office showing how NH's Legal System, clearly turns a blind eye once again, supporting their practices of the HEAR NO EVIL, SEE NO EVIL, SPEAK NO EVIL rule!  Mr. Strelzin  stated, "despite the past threats, no one suspected Savyon was capable of violence."  Not true.  Because he himself clearly stated that the mother "had reservations, which is why Savyon was having supervised visits" in the first place.  He then also stated, "from what we know right now, no one saw this coming today."  Well once again, also not true, because the NH Family Courts themselves, had already establish concern for the child's safety, and obviously agreed with the mother's "reservations."  They would not just simply take action and court order a parent to have only supervised visits with his child for no good reason, or now would they?  NH's Legal System has been capable of putting both feet in their mouths for quite some time now.  Both in and out of the courtroom as they clearly have established here.  They obviously don't know when to quit.  Especially now while poorly attempting to wash the blood off their hands, from yet another unnecessary death, of yet another NH child in their care.   NH continues to support and live by their motto, ashes to ashes, dust to dust, "Live Free Or Die!"  Apparently now you can LITERALLY do both in NH.  The freedom to do anything while you live, then die!)

She had reservations, which is why he was having supervised visits.  She wasn’t there.  She dropped her son off and unfortunately his father decided to take his life.”  Strelzin confirmed that Savyon emailed a note to someone before the attack that is now being studied by investigators.  He wouldn’t comment on the contents.  Rabbi Levi Krinsky of Chabad Lubavitch, who said he knew Savyon and had seen the email, said it explained what Savyon 
intended to do, and that he would be dead by the time the person read it.  He declined to identify the recipient.  Ellen Vig of Billerica, Sayvon’s ex-wife — not the mother of his child — said she has a copy of the letter, written in Hebrew.  “It was his intentions. What he wanted to do with his property,” she said. “It’s a suicide note.”  Vig said Savyon had been depressed since his brother died unexpectedly in Israel six weeks ago, but she didn’t know him to be a violent person.  She said Savyon was frequently in court in custody fights with his son’s mother since they split several years ago, and took those fights hard. The boy’s mother could not be reached for comment.  Krinsky said he knew Savyon was despondent over his brother’s death, but said he didn’t imagine Savyon would take this course. “The sane mind cannot comprehend the thoughts of the 
insane mind,” Krinsky said."
 - See more at: http://bostonherald.com/news_opinion/local_coverage/2013/08/nh_official_father_shot_son_self_to_spite_ex#sthash.sgt4l8Bj.dpuf


Jul 25, 2013


Many people are not aware that on December 1, 2011, New Hampshire put into effect a much needed mandatory self disclosure Family Division Rule.  This was necessary because of people like NH's Marital Master Alice love, NH's Superior Criminal Court Judge William J. Groff, NH's perjurious Criminal Defense Attorney Richard C. Follender along with his client, Roger R. Brosor.  They freely committed Perjury, Fraud, Obstruction of Justice, and Grand Theft.  These crimes were just simply performed by freely withholding financial evidence (interrogatories), all permitted by the one and only NH's Judicial Branch, in the divorce case of Brosor v Brosor.    

The Family Division Rule 1.25-A is designed for the discovery procedure to be processed now within a specific time frame.  So if your attorney is the perjuriously infamous Richard C. Follender, please be sure to inform him of this rule along with NH state and Federal laws!  Each party must now exchange certain required financial documents no later than 45 days of receiving the petition or, 10 days prior to temporary hearing or the initial hearing on the petition, whichever comes first. Will this rule actually be followed and enforced by all NH lawyers and the NH courts still remains to be seen.  Or will it just simply become like NH laws, that supposedly cannot be followed or enforced, clearly clarified and proven by a NH State House Representative, Carol McGuire.

The new Family Division Rule obligates each party to provide to the other side the following:

a) A current financial affidavit in the format required by family division rule 2.16, including the monthly expense form.

b) The past 3 years' personal and business federal and state income tax returns and partnership and corporate returns for any non-public entity in which either party has an interest, together with all tax return schedules, including but not limited to W-2's, 1099's,1098's, K-1's, Schedule C, Schedule E and any other schedules filed with the IRS.

c) The 4 most recent pay stubs (or equivalent documentation) from each current employer, and the year end pay stub (or equivalent document) for the calendar year that conducted prior to the filing of the action.

d) For business owners or self employed parties, all monthly, quarterly and year to date financial statements to include profit and loss, balance sheet and income statements for the year in which the action was filed; and all year-end financial statements for the calendar year that concluded prior to the filing of the action.

e) Documentation confirming the cost and status of enrollment of employer provided medical and dental insurance coverage for:

I. The party.

II. The party's spouse, and

III. the party's dependent child(ren).

f) For the 12 months prior to the filing of the action, any credit, loan and/or mortgage applications, or other sworn statement of assets and/or liabilities, prepared by or on behalf of either party.

g) For the 12 months prior to the filing of the action, documentation related to employee benefits such as but not limited to stock options, retirement, pension, travel, housing, use of company car, mileage reimbursement, profit sharing, bonuses, commissions, membership dues, or any other payments to or on behalf of either party.

h) For the 12 months prior to the filing of the action, statements for all bank accounts held in the name of either party individually or jointly, or any business owned by either party, or in the name of another person for the benefit of either party, or held by either party for the benefit of the minor's child(ren).

i) For the 12 months prior to the filing of the action, statements for all financial assets, including but not limited to all investment accounts, retirement accounts, securities, stocks, bonds, notes or obligations, certificates of deposit owned or held by either party or individual retirements account (IRA) statements, and pension plan statements.

j) For the 12 months prior to the filing of the action, any and all life insurance declaration pages, beneficiary designation forms and the most recent statements of cash, surrender and loan value.

k) for the 6 months prior to the filing of the action, statements for all credit cards held by either party, whether individually or jointly.

L) Any prenuptial or written postnuptial agreements signed by the parties.

Well now, for Mr. Brosor's sake, hopefully his new wife's 3rd attempt at marriage truly is the charmed one, for Mrs. Laurie Ann Murry Nurnberg now Brosor, or who ever's future name she may take.  Because the next time she chooses to commit Welfare Fraud by spreading her legs, and tutoring 2 married men into divorcing to marry her, while they pay all her expenses, and buy her cell phones, houses, vacations, and medical coverage, financed only by their marital funds acquired during a marriage to others, and who also had to have HIV tests, that she proudly mails the results to their wife noting, "I have the originals for safe keeping, you know how to reach me!", because these married men simultaneously with their co-worker, had an affair with her during her 2nd divorce.  May now not be so easily condoned, as it has been for over the past 50 years, by NH's one and only Judicial Branch!  NH says this is a "No Fault Divorce", and calls this just a little "Irreconcilable Differences", so just get over it.  NH is truly a state that is strictly only a prostitute's paradise, all because NH's Judicial Branch says this profession is just simply a little "Irreconcilable Differences" when they participate in a marriage and then throughout the divorce.

Even NH's perjuriously infamous Criminal Defense Attorney, Richard C. Follender, has claimed on record to the courts, that NH's Al-anon's 12 step programs are now treating sex addiction along with supporting marriage counseling for those clients who are repeat offenders committing adultery.  No wonder my ex hired him.  However, the professionals in the field of psychology have yet to confirm this theory of New Hampshire's.  Clearly this demonstrates why the state of NH has continued to be the diseased state of polygamy without the license. 

 Let's just now hope that all illiterate NH Justices will finally learn, never mind actually use the invention called a calculator.  Maybe even take a math course or two.  Possibly even dust off and open a 1960's Webster dictionary once again!  Only this time, to now learn the definition of the word Fault in a "Fault Divorce" and "Equitable" in an "Equitable State".  The fact that NH's very own Supreme Court needed and relied on a 1960's Webster Dictionary, in the 21'st century, to tell them what Sexual Intercourse actually really is, truly is just speaking volumes in itself, for NH's Judicial Branch's illiteracy.  Well, so sorry to have to burst their perfect bubble but no, babies are not, nor have they ever been, delivered by the stork, like a jar of classic pickles!

NH's Judicial Branch has for over 50 years, claimed multiple times on record, that exchanging a spouse for a new one during the  marriage is just strictly a little "Irreconcilable Differences" in a divorce and nothing more.  This also includes having extra marital sex while remaining with a spouse, until caught that is.  NH government attempts to proudly portray NH as the STEPFORD  WIVES fictional state.  Not one single case of Adultery charged in over 50 years throughout the whole entire state.  NH's sick interpretation for the sanctimony of marriage is very concerning to say the least.  When any government branch condones on record these practices and behaviors in a marriage, for over 50 years, truly shows it's in an extreme need of a complete psychological evaluation!  New Hampshire's Family Court Records also sufficiently support NH as the one and only Swinging State  in America.  For Adultery is just very simply put, only a little "Irreconcilable Differences" performed in a marriage.  Over 50 years of Family Court Records is also sufficient evidence to support how much NH has also been so damn proud of it too.    

 The irony is that you would be extremely surprised at the number of NH Justices, who while they themselves were suppose to be a fair clear open minded 3rd party, ruling on the demise of your marriage, were also simultaneously in the process of divorcing their own spouses.  Yes it's true.  Some NH Justices, while ruling on divorces, have also personally experienced these proceedings from the other side of the bench simultaneously.   Some even as many as 3 times themselves.  That's why some question if NH judges should be psychologically screened.  If they can't fairly support their own marriages, how are they capable of separating personal experience and opinion from their legal responsibilities, to conclude what is a fair divorce?  So lets just say that their own final divorce decrees would now truly be an interesting read, along with hearing their ex's side of the story. 

Exactly how do you divorce someone who has full Absolute Immunity from the law?  You can only just imagine what their hiding in those case files.  Especially all the evidence that was never even mentioned but should have been.  If those files could only talk, the  public would now have a clear knowledge of what their truly dealing with.  Well, when a state's government openly supports all the Anthony Weiners throughout it's country, you truly now know what you will never ever have to ask yourself twice.  Which is? What the hell is really going on in NH's Supreme Court, let alone in NH's State House?  Let's just clearly clarify that NH's government branches are the one and only Swingers on record, that would not just open political doors, but would also proudly open many other unusual delights, for Anthony's married Weiner.  According to NH, this is just only a little "Irreconcilable Differences" performed in a marriage anyway.  It's no big deal people, so get over it!  NH says so!